Jpix Jewish and Israel Photo Blog Carnival #21

Welcome to the December 8, 2008 edition of JPix, the Jewish Photo Blog Carnival.

Let’s take a moment to remember the victims of the Mumbai massacre, through a photo collage: Leah Lipszyc presents In Memoriam. Gabi & Rivky Holtzberg H”YD posted at chossid’s photoblog.

And now for the rest:


Muse presents Jerusalem! Elections posted at Shiloh Musings, along with a video of Jerusalem.

Baila presents Modiin Sky Watch posted at Ill Call Baila.

Batya presents Israeli Municipal Elections–Pictures Plus! posted at Shiloh Musings.

Risa presents Ripe Red Sabras posted at Isramom, saying, “On a trip to Jerusalem I photographed these sabras and sent my first Ruby Tuesday entry.”

Miriam was brave and traveled to Israel with her triplets. You can find the pictures at Tripletly Blessed.

Rahel presents Olive Oil posted at Elms in the Yard.

Batya presents And Today, An Earlier Start and More Walking posted at me-ander.

Rahel presents Beeline posted at Elms in the Yard.

Risa presents Waiting for a Bus as the Sun Was Setting at Isramom.

Jacob da Jew presents Caesar II My New Fish and 4 Years Ago at Jacob da Jew.

Shira Salomone presents her favorite shots of the Kotel at On the Fringe.

I posted about a sculpture going up in my neighborhood: On Hoopoes, Black Cats, and Dodecagons. In reply to my inquiry, the city said that there was more than one complaint about the sculpture, and that they are going to replace it with plants.


Leora Wenger presents Parshas Lech Lecha posted at The Jewish Side, saying, “Babysitter included my stars watercolor on her parsha post. I’m an illustrator! 😉

Muse presents Wheels posted at me-ander.

The Wolf presents Sunflower Arrangements and Depth of Field at Wolfish Musings.

Out and About

Shira Salomone presents Bridges at On the Fringe–Al Tzitzit.

Ricki’s Mom presents The Horse that Went to the Zoo at Beneath the Wings.

muse presents Jerusalem Street Fair posted at me-ander.

Akiva presents Mistransigulations posted at Mystical Paths.

muse presents Jerusalem’s Public Art posted at Shiloh Musings.

rickismom presents The Horse That Went to the Zoo posted at Beneath the Wings.

Leora Wenger presents Fall Foliage In Highland Park posted at Here in HP.

Mimi presents Suspicious Object « Israeli Kitchen posted at Israeli Kitchen.


Two Jewish bloggers visited Jewish sites in Europe.

Leah Lipszyc presents Kvarim Trip 5768 1 or Ukraine in the Rain – chossid – posted at chossid’s photoblog.

Leah Lipszyc presents Kvarim Trip 5768: Kiev, Berditchev, Annipoli – chossid – posted at chossid’s photoblog.

shorty presents Outside the Jewish Museum in Munich posted at Shorty’s Adventure, saying, “I was not allowed to bring my camera inside the museum. There were so many remarkable things about this place – the history of the Jewish population in Germany, how the curator acquired the pieces. The museum is a beautiful demonstration of the strength of the Jewish spirit not just to survive but in the words of a Holocaust survivor I recently met – as “victors”.”

Thank you to all of the contributors, and to Frumhouse for coordinating the hosts.

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  2. Thanks for this! and your link to the Shabbat prep!
    So…why is that with garlic and onion?

  3. Thanks for including two of my links and my “I’m an illustrator!” comment.

  4. Beautiful job! Thanks so much for hosting this great festival of pics!

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  6. You did a lovely job of hosting! Thanks.

  7. Mother In Israel: great job, and thanx for the link!
    Leora: You are so cute! Thanx for submitting my post and being my illustrator!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous jpix carnival. Thanks for including me.

  9. That was beautiful and fun to see. I missed out!

  10. Great job MiI.

  11. mother in israel says

    Thanks, everyone. Shorty, I didn’t understand your comment.


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