Making a Dishwasher Kosher for Passover

Kosher Dishwasher Passover Pesach

From Shabbat be-Shabbato

There are two times a year I love having a dishwasher: The evening of Yom Kippur, when we are rushing to clear the table and get to shul; and after the Pesach Seder, when the dishwasher runs on a timer. When I mentioned that I use the dishwasher on Passover several people asked about it.

The above article (Hebrew) by Rabbi A.M.  (R’EM) HaCohen of Otniel appeared in last week’s edition of the alon “Shabbat be-Shabbato,” published by the Tzomet Institute. Rabbi HaCohen considers the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s requirement to use boiling water, but rules that running it on the highest setting is enough. Rabbi HaCohen also allows keeping the same racks year-round, maintaining that modern dishwashers remove remainders of food during regular cleaning. He adds, “The Torah has pity on the money of (the nation of ) Israel.”

I translated Rabbi Cohen’s conclusion from the last paragraph:

Clean the dishwasher well, especially the filter and the sprayers (by taking them apart). To clean, it’s recommended to use a scale remover (instead of regular detergent) and run the machine. Let the dishwasher sit for 24 hours, then run it  [again] on its maximum setting. One who is stringent will run it a second time, to clean it in cold water.


Preparing the dishwasher used to take me at least 3 hours, because I took apart the wheels and all of the other tiny parts. Now I just follow the instructions above.

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  1. My rabbi told us basically the same and we just kasher it and then use it for Pesach. Ours has a cycle which sanitizes (for Anth’s health) so that heats it past boiling – it’s perfect!!!

  2. Klara Le Vine says

    why is this night different from all other nights – because I wash all the dishes by hand!!!Maybe next year I’ll think about taking the dishwasher apart – but isn’t it just one more thing I might ruin???!!!

  3. how common is this in israel?
    i wonder if anyone in america does it

  4. E-S: Enjoy not having to wash.
    Klara: I hope you’re settled by now.
    LoZ: I don’t know many people who do it, but the rabbis all talk about it.

  5. Klara Le Vine says

    the rest of the story: we took a blow torch to the oven!! self-cleaning never worked. Husband going to the States after Pesach and hopefully getting the right part to fix it

  6. Klara,how frustrating.

  7. Every year I think about kashering my dishwasher, but it always seems like so much work.

    I think my dishwasher is probably not as clean as yours.

    Chag Sameach!!

  8. How can I make my “regular” dishwasher to Kosher one ?

  9. clean my dishwasher every year for pessach……..saves so much time……….mine oes not take so long to clean–maybe an hour…..but it’s so worth it.