Links for Rosh Hashanah Planning

I’ve collected posts on preparing in honor of Rosh Hashanah, which begins on Friday evening, September 18 and ends after dark on September 20.

More recipes:

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere:

Don’t procrastinate for too long, though. By the way, who will be at the Jewish Blogging Convention this Sunday?


  1. I’m ignoring Rosh Hashana. (Great attitude, right?) We’re having lunch guests the first day. I’ll figure it out next week, I guess.

    After Sunday, of course, when I’m going to the convention.

  2. mominisrael says

    Kate, looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Thanks for publicizing JPIX. And G-d willing we’ll f2f on Sunday, but I’ll be late.

  4. Hi, I found your blog recently, and have learned a lot reading it. We are Christians trying to learn more about the Jewish holidays. Thank you for the links in the post.

    Now I have a question. 🙂 What kind of prayer shawl do Jewish women use? Do women use the same kind of prayer shawl as men? If, not, could you send me some links so I can see them, and order one?


  5. Rosh Hashana is a great equalizer; it is the only Yom Tov that lasts 2 days even in Eretz Yisrael. Usually you would only need to plan menus for one day.

  6. Hi LInda, I answered by email.
    Ariella, Israelis get frantic when they realize the stories will be closed for two days. At any rate, there is Yom Tov attached to Shabbat in every type of cycle.