Municipal Elections: Update

You don’t need to register in order to vote in Israel–you just need to bring your teudat zehut (identity card) to the voting location. Usually, we get a notice listing the location and precinct number. So far we haven’t, so I called the number of the Interior Ministry listed in the AACI newsletter.

Call 1-800-300059, press #5 for English and have your teudat zehut number available.

You have to type in your number, and they give you the information. It even offered to find out whether the location was handicapped accessible. I also confirmed that my 18-year-old son was listed. He told me who he is voting for, but I can’t tell you since he asked me not to write about him.

Update: 17-year-olds are also eligible to vote.


  1. There are passionate debates on the anglo yahoo rannanalist between members and even one brave Meretz council member who came off looking less than stellar (when asked to explain why she was against a local kollel renting space in a local shopping center, she responded that she can’t without sounding anti-semitic).

  2. sounds like you have some qualified people running for offcie. Come to Jerusalem, where it is a ‘lesser of two evils’ election

  3. Lion in Zion says

    i find it interesting that in israel each city has its own local parties that are no represented in the national elections.
    my wife’s relatives was running for mayor in one of the smaller towns (maybe sderot?), but i don’t know how far she got

  4. mother in israel says

    Abbi–no end to the exciting drama of religious/secular relations in this country.
    ak–I can’t believe I gave that impression lOL
    LOZ–why not, the national parties are not so strong these days, and some of them have no relevance as local parties.

  5. Lion in Zion says

    i’m used to the american scene. no matter where you go it’s the same 2 parties.