My new toy + Chickpea patties

Of the three suitcases I brought home from my trip, one was heavy with my latest kitchen gadget–a cast-iron griddle. (The guitar didn’t arrive on time; it’s a long story.) After getting the griddle home it had to be toveled (immersed in the ritual bath), dried carefully, scrubbed and dried again, coated with oil, wrestled into the oven and seasoned for an hour. Letting it cool to room temperature took several hours, at which point I gave up on it for the lunch-time pancakes.

For supper I made patties out of chick-peas. My son asked if I planned to market them to the younger kids as felafel. How could he think such a thing? I put the patties on before the griddle heated completely, so the first batch stuck a bit. Shallow edges make flipping painless, and the large cooking surface means less time at the stove. The griddle takes a while to cool down, so you can turn of the gas well before you are finished. I added a bit of extra oil, although with cast-iron you supposedly need little or none. Non-stick properties increase with use.

Clean cast-iron cookware by wiping with a rag, or washing and reapplying a layer of oil. Occasionally the cookware must be reseasoned. Keep kids away from the stove while it cools.

I love it. I’m glad my sister advised me to shlep it despite the weight.

Chickpea Patties


Handful of parsley or coriander (I didn’t happen to have any, but would have made a big difference.)
1 onion
2 small stalks celery
3 cups cooked chickpeas
2 eggs
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp. salt
1-2 teaspoons cumin


Place dry parsley in dry food processor and chop until fine. Add vegetables and chop. Add remaining ingredients and grind until blended (be careful not to overprocess). Experiment by forming a patty; it should hold together. If too dry, add another egg or a bit of water. If too watery, add flour. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have made them with soaked, raw chickpeas instead of cooked. Form into patties and place on very hot griddle (or pan). Cook until brown on both sides.


  1. mother in israel says

    I saw a similar recipe using white beans.

  2. I have one of those griddles. They are great for Sunday morning pancakes (Friday morning in Israel?). And, yes, you just wipe them clean, you can’t stick ’em in the dishwasher.
    Your recipe sounds yummy. I wonder if it works with a different bean?

  3. chickpea patties? really?

  4. Is the flavor like falafel? I would think it would be fine to use raw chickpeas–I’ve never even tasted a cooked one?
    Can you get a griddle like that here,for less than a down payment on an apartment? I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking someone to shlep it for me.

  5. Mmmm….chickpeas.

  6. can you use canned chickpeas? Sounds yummy. I have a mini griddle (more like a square shallow frying pan that fits over one burner) that i love. Makes the best omelets and eggs.

  7. melissa qubti says

    Wow,I’ve always wanted one of those griddles!!!!! Making pancakes for 6 kids takes ages with one frying pan!!!!

  8. melissa qubti says

    can’t you get them here??

  9. That looks good. I used to make them with kidney beans but I think I’d prefer chickpeas.

  10. This sounds amazing – but how do you cook the chickpeas? Would I just boil canned ones, or would just taking them out of the can work?

  11. mother in israel says

    As usual lately I missed comments.
    An Israeli friend said you can’t get one here, but I’m skeptical.
    I think canned would work. I soak, then cook the chickpeas in a pressure cooker.