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A large day camp also attended the zoo today. A camper, who appeared to be about seven, began throwing water bottles into the bird lake. Another camper pointed this out to the counselor. “Wait!” she called. “Is that my bottle?,” and proceeded to examine it. “Oh, it’s not mine,” she decided, and returned it to the camper. Who promptly threw it into the water. . . .


  1. Sigh…

  2. Double sigh.

  3. I just don’t get it. Why didn’t the counselor know that the kid’s behavior was wrong and needed correcting???

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your blog is fascinating! I’ve always wanted to visit Israel! đŸ™‚
    The main issue with nursing past this point (I’ve still got the goal of 24 months, we’re almost to 20) is that my daughter is quite large for her age and I’m quite small for mine and it’s simply draining me any more. But I think if I could lower her nighttime nursings (I was able to only nurse her in the morning today!) then things will be improved.
    Thank you once again for finding my blog!

  5. is that a story or a joke? funny joke, sad story.

  6. Why didn’t the counselor know that the kid’s behavior was wrong and needed correcting???
    I see camp counselors around here and can only imagine these 14-20 year olds are out of energy as they watch so many kids of young ages at one time.
    I’m just surprised the counselor didn’t end up with an entire bunk of kids throwing bottles into the bird lake. I guess at 7 some of the mob mentality is gone. But, when I do have to leave my own kids I try to find a place where there is as little group energy as possible.

  7. I suppose if it had been her water bottle, she would have thrown the kid in the lake.
    Thanks for linking to my blog!

  8. oh this new world of so many wonderful blogs. How do any of you have time for real life??
    ok, just wanted to share this – oof, don’t know how to get to my cc’s – article from yahoo on parenting – bottom line, you got answers inside, don’t need experts like we think we do. I’ll get back, bli neder, with the link. sorry.

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