Shmura Matza Forgery Warning

Forged Matza Warning

According to the letter from the rabbinate, signed by Rabbis Yaakov Sabag and Rafi Yochai, the packages of hand matzahs pictured above were made in a factory without supervision. Flour was not sifted, “challah” not taken, the equipment not cleaned, and there was actually chametz in the factory. The matzah was sold at “discount” prices, and even distributed to the poor. The labels contain forged certification by Rabbi Dov Leor and the Badatz Yoreh De’ah, and Rabbi Yitzchak Amrabi and the Badatz Bet Yosef.  The rabbis were not involved it the matzah’s production or supervision. The packages are pictured above.

Last week I wrote about lettuce that is not always “bug-free,” despite certification as such. One type that did not need to be checked, Yevulei Hanegev, contained high levels of pesticides including one that is illegal. The rabbinate warned the public not to buy Yevulei Hanegev products, which are apparently still on the shelves.

I would still like the rabbinate tocomplete laboratory results and not just the conclusions.


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