Israeli Baby Name Queries: December 2012

I get a lot of inquiries about Hebrew and Israeli baby names. There are lots of lists on the internet, but they don't give you the context you need to make a wise decision. Here are a few recent questions: Adam: Need Help with name for boy named after Saba Shmuel ( we don't like Shmuel or … [Read more...]

New Trendy Baby Name: Cohen

About ten years ago, on a Jewish parenting board I frequented, a non-Jewish woman stopped by to ask a question. Surprised to find out that the baby name she had picked had a Jewish connotation, she hoped to learn more about Cohen. I explained to her that Cohen has an illustrious past. A cohen is … [Read more...]

Needed: Israeli Girl Baby Name Suggestions

Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help Received from reader Clara: I hope that you and your readers will be able to help me choose a Hebrew name for our daughter. We would like a name that wouldn't be out of place in either a secular or modern-orthodox context in Israel or North America. The … [Read more...]