Dr. James Cantor on Pedophilia and the Brain

This is the fourth post on the Tahel conference on "The Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse." Dr. James Cantor gave the keynote lecture on the first day entitled,"Understanding Pedophilia and the Brain: Implications for Safety and Society." Cantor is the Associate Professor of … [Read more...]

Were the Nachalaot Parents Negligent?

Chana Jenny Weisberg of JewishMom.Com wrote this guest post in response to comments on this site and elsewhere criticizing the parents affected by the Nachalaot pedophilia tragedy as negligent.  When parents hear that someone else's child has been hurt, often their first response is to blame that … [Read more...]

Nachalaot Pedophilia: Yisrael Hayom Report

Update: An article in Tablet Magazine concludes that there is little evidence of a pedophile ring: Panic in Jerusalem Yisrael Hayom published this article about the children of Nachlaot. The residents of Nachlaot are anxious for it to be translated into English and published, and I have done so … [Read more...]

Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis: At Least 100 Victims (Updated November, 2012)

Update November 29, 2012: This article in Tablet Magazine examines the evidence and concludes that there is little evidence for pedophile activity, much less a ring. Panic in Jerusalem Update: Yisrael Hayom report Dear readers, I was planning to write a light post today, about unusual … [Read more...]