7-Minute Low-Fat Microwave Cheesecake

My friend Annette first made this cake for me almost 13 years ago when I was re-hospitalized with a newborn. I kept it in the hospital refrigerator and it was good for several meals. Now my kids fight about who gets to make it for Shavuot.

The topping is optional but I wouldn’t skip it unless you are on a very strict diet. You can also spread chocolate on the top or lay cookie crumbs on the bottom for a crust.


2 eggs

500 gr. white cheese (1/2% or 5%). If you can get the kind for baking, go for it (gevina levana le-afiyah). I am not sure what a good substitute would be outside of Israel–perhaps smooth ricotta.

1 container (150-200 ml.) 8%, low-fat shamenet (cream). I think it is the equivalent of half-and-half. (Note: We only found 15% in the store we went to.)

3/4 c. sugar

4 tablespoons flour

1 packet of vanilla sugar or a teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients and pour into a glass or ceramic quiche dish (23-27 cm.). You can use another shaped dish, but if the cake is too thick it will take longer to set.

Cook on high for 5 minutes, or until the cake is set in the middle.

Optional topping:

In the meantime, mix 2-3 more containers of the 8% shamenet or half-and-half with 3-4 tablespoons of sugar. You can use the same bowl. When the cake is baked spread the sweetened cream over the cake and heat on high for another two minutes.

Our Shiputzim offers another cheesecake recipe.


  1. Thanks for the link.
    I like the idea of baking a cheesecake in the microwave. It sounds like a good solution to some of the logistical issues involved in preparing both meat and dairy meals for Shavuot with only one oven…

  2. mominisrael says

    You’re welcome. Microwaves are good for moist cakes. Cheesecakes do best steamed; some say you should place them in a bowl of water before putting them in a conventional oven.

  3. What is the differennce between a “container (150-200 ml.) 8% of low-fat shamenet (cream)” and “2-3 more packets of low-fat shamenet”?

  4. definitely clearer!
    Since I have limited options in my friends’ flat when it comes to cooking, I am seriously considering this recipe.

  5. I will.

  6. I’m going to try this one, looks like something I can handle! Will let you know how it goes.

  7. No eggs?

  8. mominisrael says

    Hi Mirj,
    Nice to “see” you!! You scared me for a minute. But it says “2 eggs” in black and white.

  9. Oops, so it does, first thing, actually.

    Don’t mind me, I have gone through 3,694 recipes for cheesecake in the last 4 days, it’s all become a blur.

    In the end I am making two, one dairy and one parve. Now, with your microwave recipe posted, I might make three…..

  10. At work I made a no-bake cheescake with the kids: Gevina Levana and instant vanilla pudding. If you like it really sweet, add sugar. It was pretty good. We put it in “biskvittim” for sandwich cookies and the kids really enjoyed it.

  11. mominisrael says

    Baila, that is a standard recipe around here. My 5yo daughter made it in her chug. She didn’t like it, but others in the family were happy to finish it! I personally won’t buy that pudding mix, even once a year.

  12. This was disastrous in my microwave. Did anyone try it in the oven?

  13. It didn’t “bake” evenly. It was still delicious, just a little ugly.

    • mominisrael says

      Thanks, Nicole. Do you mean that the top wasn’t flat? If it was solid all through, maybe it was a bit overbaked. It has to be removed from the microwave when the center is just set.

  14. Vivian Echeverria says

    I have recently made a flan in the microwave and it cooked perfectly evenly using a type of microwave dish with a whole in the middle. I am on holiday now but as soon as I get back home I will try this cheesecake, I will let you know how it goes.


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