Apology from the Israel Tourism Ministry

I just received this comment about the Jerusalem tourism clip:

My name is Michal, and I promote the video clip on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of tourism.
I was the one who contacted mominisrael and asked her to embed the clip here.
I have brought your remarks, and others like yours to the attention of the ministry, and they decided to change the clip to have a more appropriate end.
A new version will be ready later on this week, and I will keep you posted when it goes on youtube.
Thank you for your time and attention,
and whoever found this to be insulting – please accept our apology. that was not the meaning of the clip.

And who says bloggers don’t have influence?


  1. mother in israel says

    Not tourists but astute commenters!

  2. Cool. I didn’t know MII is tourist magnet! Israelis are so funny.

  3. very cool! good for you, and us commenters!

  4. Well, thank you, I think, but i meant that the tourist ministry approached you to embed the video in the first place. They obviously thought you’re the place to be for tourist eyeballs.

  5. Well done! Bloggers can definitely make a difference – something we’ve managed to prove time and time again. Those who think that bloggers are marginal are simply not up to speed.

  6. We feel the same way. We posted about this video on Jerusalemite today. Kol Hakavod!

  7. That’s pretty cool actually- kudos to all for making a difference!

  8. Great news!

  9. What did he yell?

  10. Lion in Zion says

    good for you!

  11. Yeah, mom, you never did tell us what he was yelling.
    Or did I miss that?

  12. Very good!

  13. cool!!

  14. Do we bloggers get bragging rights that we knew you before you found fame, if not fortune, through the Israel Tourism Ministry?

  15. mother in israel says

    It was non-specific yelling, according to Michal. ProfK, a link would be totally appropriate!

  16. mother in israel says

    LOZ, I knew what you meant!

  17. Lion in Zion says

    you could probably use this victory to catapult you into premiership. not that you’d want it. besides, then you wouldn’t be able to blog anonymously.

  18. Lion in Zion says

    hah, what are the chances of that! (look at the time stamps)
    but you knew what i meant about what?

  19. mother in israel says

    LOZ, that you didn’t assume that the book about women in the army was completely accurate.

  20. mother in israel says

    LOZ, the standards for premiership are not so high. . .

  21. just saw the clip.
    find it very strange that its offensiveness made it that far (meaning someone wrote it, someone approved it, someone directed it, etc)
    also although anyone who knows j-m recognizes the sites, im not sure the clip makes any of the sites look that appealing. the miracle aspect was cute. interested in seeing the updated version.

  22. Yashe Ko-ach!