Before and after: A teenage moment

The other day, my 15-year-old son’s teacher caught him studying for a math test during the gemara shiur (Talmud class). He threatened not to let him take the math test, but my son asked if he could think of a different punishment. The teacher said, “Get a haircut and we’ll talk.” My silver-tongued son replied, “Let’s not mix apples and oranges.” The teacher said, “This is like the peace agreements with the Palestinians. First you make the concession, then we’ll have the negotiations.” My son said, “And what did we (Israel) get out of that?” The teacher laughed and agreed that the haircut would suffice.

He wouldn’t agree to show his face; after all one of his friends’ parents might see it.

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  1. he has talent! a quick thinker and a real mouth! he has a great future ahead of him!!

  2. Baleboosteh says

    And he has lovely hair too!

  3. great one
    It’s a better punishment than given in other places.

  4. mominisrael says

    Rafi–we think so too!
    Baleboosteh–well, now there’s less of it.
    Batya–it’s one he didn’t mind too much.

  5. actually, it seems like a shame to cut hair that nice, especially since *the* haircut is coming soon.