Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Laam: Politics and Money

Flyer to raise awareness of Beyachad party's connection to Bnei Baruch kabbalah cult

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In March, 2009, I wrote about Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Center in Petach Tikva, Is Bnei Baruch a Cult?. In January, 2011, I posted a first-hand account of a former member. Since then, the post has shot up in Google rankings and gets about 400 visitors a month.

In August 2012, Haaretz published an account of Bnei Baruch’s activities and a pending lawsuit by a (different) former member.

Members of Bnei Baruch, also known as Kabbalah La’Am, and also known as Arevut, have formed a list to run for the local council in Petach Tikva. The list, known as BeYachad (Together), is running a sophisticated campaign with programs for kids, clean-up projects, and so on. So it’s especially important to get the word out about what this group actually does.

After I published the account in 2011, I asked the author what Bnei Baruch does with their money. His thoughts are below. He wrote this in early 2011, but got cold feet about publishing. I recently contacted him again to get permission.

Hi Hannah, sorry to overwhelm you with all this stuff, but again, I began with just one paragraph, and I just had to keep writing it. Since I am doing this, might as well do the whole job. Feel free to publish this text too if you want. I realize that this may be a little bit too much out of topic for your blog. If so, please tell me, because, in a sense, it is good that the text is big and complete. Who would write so much, unless it was personal? I really have nothing to gain with this, I could just forget Bnei Baruch and move on. But I’ve accepted that this is vital to me. While I was with Bnei Baruch, I may have convinced more people than I should have (1 already would be too much) to join, or to remain ‘studying’ with them, and to be exposed to their ideas. There is no way I can change that now, but I can help prevent further damage by talking about it. So here I am.

They never got any money from me directly, simply because I didn’t have much anyway. What I earned at the time was not enough to make the giving worth it. Most of the time all this was going on, I was just a college student. The cost of keeping an international credit card was more than the actual 10% they officially ask for. I actually calculated this, and was really willing to give them some money. They say this 10% represent ‘malchut’ (there are 10 ‘sephirot’, ‘malchut’ is the lowest one. I have some suspicions, but no real idea of what this, like so many other things, really is supposed to mean, and I honestly don’t care). This ‘malchut’, supposedly, is the part of our hearts we cannot correct, so we give it this to the ‘creator’ to correct it for us, and this is done by giving money to kabbalists….

My ‘relief’ for not being able to pay anything was that they also accepted that ‘working’ for then in ‘dissemination’ is equivalent to paying ‘maaser’, so I just translated their stuff into my native language (not English), and worked really hard publishing sites, spreading their links, talking to people about it, answering emails and questions, putting subtitles in their videos, sending newsletters, trying to get their articles on newspapers and magazines… It was actually easier than I though it would be, a lot of naive people find this stuff fascinating…

They encourage people not to tell that you are giving money to them, to ‘not have any pride about it’, because ‘anonymous giving is more ‘altruistic”. So there could be people giving millions every month, who knows… I’ve met a couple of people in my country who did had some money to spare, and probably send money to Bnei Baruch every month. I have no idea how much, or the percentage they ask for. I know that, for the time I was ‘studying’ with Bnei Baruch, they had 2 international centers for collecting donations, Israel and North America (either Toronto or New York, I don’t remember). You donate to the one closer to you, so European, Russian and Asian donations go to Israel (or maybe the Russian donations stay in Russia, I really don’t know), Latin American ones goes to North America. They used to hold some broadcasted meetings on a channel that you needed to have a password provided by them to watch, and they would discuss how they were going to spend the money, but I think those meetings looked kind of fake even while I was still studying with them. I didn’t really pay them anything, so I didn’t really care about this.

But I don’t think their objective is financial or even political, it is really evil spiritual stuff. I’ll elaborate on that later. It makes more sense to me. If they wanted just money, they could have a lot more, like the kabbalah center. They are after something else…

I think every country has a local group to collect local donations. I admit that this information could be inaccurate, because I never really had any direct contact with the financial part, since I myself didn’t really had any money. All this is kind of hearsay. But I think that when a group wants to start collecting donations, Bnei Baruch have people to train group members on how to sell their books on book fairs, and use sales techniques to sell their stuff. This is something they do a lot, disseminating in book fairs. It makes them look like a very wise group, who reads and publishes books. You volunteer to do this, of course, it’s a chance to be ‘altruistic’. In reality, they are encouraged not to read anything that is not from Bnei Baruch, and all their books are always saying exactly the same stuff, over and over again. They could have 5 pages and would still have the same amount of ‘information’, and they openly acknowledge this.

One thing I think they do to students from outside Israel, in places they are trying to establish a group (this happened to me, even after I stopped to contact them), is that sometimes they might send you (and the people living in your city also ‘studying’ with Bnei Baruch) an email saying that ” ‘by chance’, 2 of our ‘friends’ from the group in Israel are going there to your city to spend a couple of days, and they would like to meet you, if you can.” You Google these people’s names and there is no indication that they have any business here or anywhere near here, on the very contrary. And it is hard to believe that a couple of guys are coming all the way from Israel to here just for tourism, specially when it’s not the vacation season. It’s just my guess, because I was smart enough not to go meet them, so I wouldn’t know this for sure, but I think this is done to ‘cheek people out’, maybe test their interest in continuing to ‘study’ and participate, help them build new groups, encourage people to keep ‘studying’… But all very subtle, everything they do is always very subtle, they will probably go out for a drink or something, and bring this stuff up during conversation…

They value very much ‘strong members’, that is, people who are very much committed with them and are motivated and local. I suspect that they have some Russians in every group, but they are not very ‘useful’ because, they prefer, and in fact, need, local native people. Those strong ‘members’ need to appear somewhat ‘spontaneously’ in the group, and need to be able to locally organize groups in their countries and regions. They just need 1 or 2 of those people in every country or city to really start paying much attention to a specific area, and then send in assistance to that specific location (like money or recording studios to broadcast lessons in the local language). They talk during congresses that the people who come from abroad are like ‘spiritual ambassadors’ of kabbalah… I’m sure people get a huge kick out of that. But they won’t immediately ‘trust’ you just because you showed up on a few congresses and participates online every day, they only start to take notice if they feel you are really committed, that is, if you are as dead inside as they are… And I’m sure ‘something’ can really make them believe that they can feel who is ‘one of them’… scary stuff… I’ll elaborate about it in a few paragraphs.

I think that there is probably an ‘inner circle’. You can notice that the ‘stronger’ members, very subtly, are always very much carefully trying to figure out the motivations of the new members for ‘studying’. They probably test the faithfulness to Bnei Baruch of potential new members in some indirect ways, like asking them to do extra, simple, meaningless and pointless things for them. Ultimately, I personally believe that the ‘inner circle’ is something more supernatural than it seems. They think of themselves as the ‘spiritual sanhedrin’ of the world. I don’t think they need to meet in a dark secret room in a cave during the sabbath, because they think that they have been ‘given’ some type of telepathic ability or ESP.

Let me explain.

I’ve seen some of them hinting at this paranormal stuff all the time, both online and in person, but since this is very personal, they don’t really talk about stuff like that at all, but they all hint at things like that. About how they are always asking the same questions and having similar ideas and thoughts at the same time, and how they can ‘feel’ you are a part of their group, even when you don’t live close to them or ever met any of them in person before, and all those amazing little coincidences that happen during the study and how they came to Bnei Baruch and etc… In my own opinion, they are all just being deceived by the same supernatural ‘thing’, that makes those coincidences happen… And it is not God who is doing it. I’m sorry if this sounds crazy or paranoid, but sometimes a person is listening to a recording of one of those ‘lessons’, and just before Laitman says something completely unrelated that he doesn’t usually say, like ‘coca-cola’, for instance, the student may briefly ‘see’ a can of coca-cola ‘in the minds eyes’, for no particular reason! A very vivid image of a can of coca-cola, very red and shiny, full of cold droplets, for the splash of a second, totally unusual and unrelated to what you were thinking at the moment, 5 seconds before Laitman says the word coca-cola (also with no relation to what he was saying). Bizarre, I know, but if stuff like that had not happened to me, I would not believe either.

And after those ‘amazing’ coincidences, you are left with this extremely amazing feeling of awe, the feeling that you are really advancing! That the ‘creator’ has given you the power to see 5 seconds into the future, and your mind is becoming one with the group! If this is what I think it is, than it is really just a cheap trick done by some ‘supernatural thing’ that not only wants you to worship it as the ‘creator’, it wants to take over your mind and body… Its my only explanation. Why would God want me to guess the words of Michael Laitman in advance? So I can give him his favorite soft drink for lunch?

No, it is not God doing this type of thing, but ‘something else’ that wants to seduce you with this type of trick, and slowly overtake you, and keep you hostage inside your mind, suffering in silence and confusion for the rest of your life, while using you, you voice, intelligence, memories and body as an ‘instrument’ (kli) for something you have no idea, for the rest of your life, and then trow you away like an used condom, probably to burn in hell for all eternity with baal hasulam and Isaac luria. I mean, to join them in the spiritual world…

One scary thing about some of the people from Bnei Baruch I met, specially the ones involved with this stuff for a long time, is how cold and weak their handshakes can be… Kind of like they are dead or something. And everyone I met who was seriously studying this stuff for some considerable time, always had some type of serious problem, apparently out of nowhere, which always kept getting worst. Fighting with spouses/girlfriends, financial problems, loneliness, mental problems, legal problems, all types of things. Most of it is kept private, I’m sure. They have articles about it, how this is normal, and even sometimes just your imagination… Yeah, right…

They also have what they call ‘spiritual ambulances’, that is, people whose function in the group is just to encourage the others not to give up kabbalah. You are supposed to call these people when you are having doubts, and want to leave the ‘study’. You are not supposed to ask for help when you are ‘just’ depressed or feeling like killing yourself. This is different. If you are feeling horrible, but still wants to study, they say you are, in reality, being ‘uplifted’, and is a great student, and the horrible feelings are a gift from the ‘creator’. You are actually supposed to smile and pretend you are very happy, and suffer in silence and alone, because we are ‘not supposed to discuss our inner progress’, we are not supposed to ‘discourage the advancement of the others with our personal problems and doubts’. If you are very happy and healthy and things are going very well in your life, but you don’t want to study anymore, this is when you have a very serious and dangerous ‘fall’ according to them, and when you need their ‘professional’ help from their ‘ambulance’. So, happy=bad, sad=good. This, they say, is the principle that we should not think with our normal, ‘egoistic’, ‘bitter/sweet’ mind, which sees only happiness and sadness. No, they say, we are supposed to think with their ‘truth/false’ mind, which sees that the purpose of life is either kabbalah (the ‘truth’) or some selfish other thing, anything else really (the ‘false’). The ‘truth’, for them, is bitter, and the ‘false’, sweet.

You can imagine yourself the damage this mindset causes to people… The problem is that this notion, like a few other things they believe, is not necessarily always wrong. There is some common sense to it, and it looks like some wise thing to say in some contexts. But even when a mad man goes out in the streets during the day saying that ‘it is day’, this doesn’t make him less insane. is this mad man. Right after saying some common sense thing, they will say something utterly ridiculous and evil, like that ‘the love of a mother for her children is the most egoistic love in the world, because you cannot turn it into hate’… Laitman said those exact words once. And then, if you have any bit of trust in then, because you do think they look wise, you are left wondering, trying to make sense of something that has no sense. They then ask you to ‘annul your ego’, that is, just accept that their ‘wisdom’ is ‘much bigger’ than your ‘selfish rationalizations’. So you just go along with the insanity…

They feel this, and all the other nonsense, is really ok, because Laitman is often saying absurd things anyway, and telling people should give up studying kabbalah before it’s too late. he says this type of thing from time to time. So he must figure that only the really crazy ones are still studying, because they really want this nonsense, so they feel justified to keep torturing these people.

They never talk too much about donations online, they probably only ask donations more directly during the congresses, during workshops that are not broadcasted. They present it as something very spiritual that should be anonymous and not talked about in public or with new members.

Also, buying their books and giving it away is accepted as a form of donation. They sometimes will celebrate during the lessons that some guy in Siberia, for example, has purchased 100 books to give it to local libraries… They will give this person a certificate, congratulations from Laitman, some type of public honor… It is funny, other cults do this too, but Bnei Baruch publicly admits that they do this type of open and public encouragement just as a psychological ‘crutch’, because the person is still ‘selfish’, and needs this while still unable to work for them absolutely for free. They admit the ‘honors’ and ‘congratulations’ are just a psychological trick. They just don’t write this anywhere plain like this, but if you listen to their lessons long enough, you will hear Laitman saying stuff like that.

Also, all the singing, all the dancing and all the hugging, all the guys massaging each other during the congresses (very weird), all the weekly ‘yeshivat haverims’, all this stuff is just to make it look like for new members that they love each other, and they admit this, they say it’s just for show, to fool people… They don’t say it like this, of course. They say it in a nice way.

And I’m sorry to bring this next point up, because it might just look like some very personal, subjective and superstitious opinion, and for this reason I wont elaborate too much on it, I’m just going to mention it in case someone else has this same suspicion I have. But if I’m correct, and they are all being deceived by some evil supernatural thing… Then they don’t just ‘condemn’ homosexuality. I’m sure that they absolutely hate homosexuals. And I mean that they hate it more than most of the other things. I am not gay, and I also don’t think being gay is good or something to be proud of (even if that’s politically incorrect to say nowadays), but the feeling Bnei Baruch has for gays is not just some moral condemnation against some sexual behavior. No, it is total and absolute hate (and I honestly have no idea why this is, and to discuss the why of this, I would have to go on a big tangent). Of course, they will never admit this. I do admit that it is hard to back up this statement, and that I could very well be wrong on this. But it is the feeling you get the very moment you understand whats behind their evil doctrine. It is a very distinctive, very unnatural hate, very strong disgust against gays. This is one of those things that I really never felt before I started ‘studying’ with Bnei Baruch, and have totally ceased to feel it after cutting my contact with them. I don’t really like gays, and I never sympathized with them. My stance is that I really don’t care about them, so long as they leave me alone, and I’ll leave them alone too. But absolutely hating them from the depth of ‘your soul?, to the point of wondering if every single person is gay before you start talking to them? This is something much different. But I’m sure there is a reason for this, I just don’t want to talk/think about it…

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they, or whatever is it that is behind them, ‘loves’ women either. Somewhere in one of his articles, baal hasulam says that reaching the final correction is like ‘having an everlasting erection’… They often talk about how you are supposed to love the group the same way you loved the first girl you ever fell in love with, back when you were a teenager. You know, how young guys will do anything for a girl they like; this is how you are supposed to love the group. (Keep in mind that only the men study and are part of the group, the woman are part of another distinct group, which is there just to ‘lend their desires for bonding with the creator’ to the group of men and, to their husbands and to Michael Laitman, and they are just supposed to have a ‘spiritual connection’, with the men, they can only ‘reach correction’ trough the men, because the men are the channel through which the ‘light that reforms’ is ‘drawn’…)

You are supposed to slowly transfer your desire for women to the desire to bond with ‘the group’… Keep in mind that ‘the group’, meaning all the other guys, is one of those psychological crutches, really. It exists just to ‘represent’ the ‘real’ group, that is totally ‘spiritual’… What they believe, in reality, is in a ‘group’ of some ‘entities’, that Bnei Baruch says between the lines that are all the souls of other dead kabalists who already reached their ‘correction’, and they all share their ‘mind’ with the ‘creator’ in the ‘spiritual world’, and you are supposed to get there with them before you die in this life, so when you die, you live forever there with them in total happiness, joy, bliss, absolute knowledge and ‘bestowal’, and you won’t have to reincarnate anymore, you will have the power to influence this world from there, like the ‘creator’, forever.

Also, understand that ‘bestowal’ or ‘love’ really means ‘influence’ and ‘command’ for Bnei Baruch, so when they are giving you orders, they are ‘bestowing’ to you and ‘loving’ you…

Supposedly, the kabbalists are all there in the spiritual world, from Adam to Abraham and Moses and Isaac Luria and baal hasulam, all working together to the correction and spiritual evolution of this world, until ‘gmar tikun’ comes, when all the world will become spiritual, and we will be the ‘gods’ of this new reality. This will happen in a few centuries, they say. This may sound absolutely stupid, if you are a normal person, and absolutely beautiful, if you are into this sort of thing… Until you understand what they are really talking about. Laitman often talks about ‘receiving the soul of Moses’ or some other patriarch. This would be an honor, he says. And they all believe that baal hasulam was the reincarnation of the Ar”i (Isaac Luria).Isaac Luria, in his turn, was the ‘messiah son of Joseph’, which I am sorry, but I really have no idea what this is supposed to mean to them or if this has any meaning in a Jewish context, and I’m afraid that if I keep digging this stuff, I may find out things I would prefer not to know anyway. I am specially confused about this whole idea that the Ar”i was some ‘messiah’, given that they believe the ‘messiah’ is just a collective force influencing a great number of people, not an individual…

Anyway, if you just change ‘spiritual world’ with ‘hell’, and ‘creator’ with ‘the devil’, their story and doctrines start to make much more sense. They are always giving the example of the magic eye pictures, that their books are like magic eye pictures, when you stare long enough at it, you see the real picture/meaning. This is the cold real meaning, the ‘spiritual world they talk about is a place of pain, and their ‘creator’ is an evil guy. This is why they have to be so obscure. No one will ever willingly go to hell if you say it that way (well, at least not Bnei Baruch’s target audience…) If you still doubt me, try watching their videos and read their stuff with this in mind, that whenever they talk of the ‘creator’, they have another ‘intention’ behind that word, they really mean lucifer or something else very very evil. ‘Spiritual worlds’ and ‘steps of the ladder’ are levels of insanity that lead you straight to hell. Kabbalists are people fully possessed by demons. They teach that their texts are written from 2 different perspectives, ‘from above downwards’ and ‘from below upwards’. The ‘from above downwards’ is the perspective of the ‘thing’ that is there to take over your life and ‘kill’ your soul in the processes, eliminating any traces of any possibilities of ever feeling happiness again, lying to you in every possible way in the process. This is the perspective the ‘student’ is ultimately supposed to identify with. This is their ‘creator’. ‘From below upwards’ is your normal perspective, and those texts describe your ultimate spiritual death! This is what they mean when they say that ‘a real kabbalist, when he reads those texts, is at the same time making those operations in his soul’. I really don’t want to imagine how that feels. Those books could be called: ‘torture books for the soul’. They teach you how to kill yourself and how to give in the space for the devil, without killing you, so you are, in a sense replaced. They teach it down to the last detail on how to do this.

At this point, I just want to please ask you to understand, if you haven’t already, that none of this is even slightly amusing. I say this because someone could read all this stuff and think “all this supernatural talk is really starting to sound kind of cool, this guy is just a Christian nutjob fear-monger, I don’t believe in hell and demons all that stuff”. Fine. I’m not asking you to become religious, I’m asking you not to go listen and devote yourself to Michael Laitman or Bnei Baruch or kabbalah. Go watch tv or read a book. Bnei Baruch is lethal. I didn’t believe in evil supernatural things either, just in some ‘higher indifferent power’. Until I felt in my own mind the shadows of hell. So please, don’t be tempted to go find out for yourself these things I’m saying here. They are not cool, they are painful. Suffering is very bad, and it won’t turn you into a ‘god’.

Bnei Baruch will say to you that their stuff should be tested ‘like a science’, quoting Psalm 34:8, saying that you have to ‘taste and see that the LORD is good’, interpreting this to somehow mean that you can only criticize them after you have tasted their method and its results. THIS IS FALSE, and I’ll prove it to you.

Go read that Psalm, or at least the 8 first verses. In fact, I’ll paste it here for you:

1 I will bless the LORD at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
2 My soul shall make its boast in the LORD;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.
3 Oh, magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

4 I sought the LORD, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
5 They looked to Him and were radiant,
And their faces were not ashamed.
6 This poor man cried out, and the LORD heard him,
And saved him out of all his troubles.
7 The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him,
And delivers them.

8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

This is enough to get my point across. Now, if you are curious, google michael laitman’s book “Together Forever: the story about the magician who didn’t want to be alone”. Just look for it if you are very curious, don’t waste too much of your time reading this garbage, unless you really have to, because I’ll summarize the main points for you. The book used to be called ‘…omnipotent magician…’, but they dropped the ‘omnipotent’ part for some reason… Maybe they realized they even them can’t be THAT arrogant.

You can’t find a more simplified version of kabbalah, this book sums up the whole thing, it’s all you really have to know about this insanity. It’s there ‘for free’ somewhere. You can’t mistake it, it’s a children’s book where Laitman draws HIMSELF as the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS. Basically, he is too lonely after creating the universe, so he creates a man somewhere in the world. Then he uses magic to seduce this man from very far away into his tower (this are his words). This man has to travel a great distance to find laitman. Then he has to climb a huge mountain to get to his castle. When he is close, guards ‘with no mercy’ try to hurt this man and stop him from getting near laitman. Finally, when the man somehow manages to get there and defeat the guards, laitman explains that he did all this so that “the man would become strong and be able to do magic too, like me”. Now, compare this ‘magician’ with the God of Psalm 34.

In Psalm 34, among other things:
1-The man is humble because God is greater than him.
2-The man looks for God, and God hears the man, and answers with His help.
3-God immediately delivered the poor man from his fears, and saved him from his troubles.
4-The man talks about tasting God AFTER God saved him from his fears and troubles, not before. After all those things, then the man proclaims that he has tasted God, and that he is good. This God shows His friendship during your suffering, and rescues you from it.

Now, in the magician ‘god’ of michael laitman story:
1-The man is not humble. In fact, he doesn’t even have free will, laitman has to keep making his ‘magic’ all the time to make the man continue to go after him. Who is really deciding to do this?
2-The man is constantly crying out for laitman, but laitman does nothing to help the man, laitman just sits in his ivory tower doing his magic to seduce this poor man.
3-Instead of helping the man, laitman made his life much harder, making him go away from his home to climb a dangerous mountain far away and fight merciless guards.
4-bb will ask you to suffer UNTIL YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE before you can taste the fake friendship of this ‘magician’.

So you see, those are two completely different ‘gods’. A real God, who saves you after you magnify and exalt Him, and immediately stops your suffering and the fear, and a ‘magician god’, who really just wants you to be as alone as he is, and is eternally lonely, locked up in some ‘castle’ surrounded by ‘guards’ (more like a prison), powerless to help you, and in fact enjoying your suffering, because this will ‘make you strong and magical like him’. he is there in his lonely tower, where he wants you to be too, locked up there with him FOREVER, with only the power to lure other people in there with him. It can’t get any more obvious than this.

Bnei Baruch will also quote the ‘we shall do and we shall hear’ phrase from exodus 24:7, to mean that you have to obey Bnei Baruch, and then, only then, after you have committed to do what their ‘god’ asks you to do, then they will tell you what you have to do for him. If you believe this nonsense, please, please PLEASE just go read this chapter. Or at least just read the whole verse. In the story, Israel ALREADY knew what they had to do for God. Moses had already told them what they would have to do. This is the biggest example of downright, literal and absolute FRAUD from Bnei Baruch, and an example of how kabbalah can make something mean the complete opposite of what it actually says. There is no hidden, secret spiritual kabbalistic meaning in this sentence:

Ex 24:7 And he took the scroll of the covenant and read it in the ears of the people; so they said: All that God has spoken we shall do and hearken to.

This is one of the most literal translations there is of this passage. It literally means what it says there. Moses read the laws, and the people agreed to obey them, AFTER they heard them. That simple. You can really discuss and come up with many interesting interpretations of why they said it in that order, but you cannot honestly interpret it to mean the total opposite of what it says, like Bnei Baruch does. And believe me, when they have to, they will throw this passage in your face to ask you to do stuff before they tell you what to do. Their whole doctrine is based on that: you don’t know whats waiting for you after the ‘machssom’ and in the ‘spiritual worlds’, and you can’t understand it anyway while you are just a ‘donkey’, so don’t even ask about it… You see, in kabbalah, there is no time, no space! The effects can come before the causes. Time flows backwards. So they can say to your face something totally opposite of what it means. No wonder they say you should not read this. It is also interesting to note that kabbalah focuses just on the part of the verse where it says the words and thoughts of the people, but completely ignores their surrounding reality, and the fact that they had already heard the laws. This is what kabbalah will do to you, you will lose track of reality and not be able to understand simple things like this.

But they often talk about the fact that when a kabbalist reads the Torah, the letters may change positions, disappear, and even that entire words go away from their vision, and other words replace them. They think that by this the ‘secrets of the Torah’ are being revealed to them. I just thing they are simply hallucinating, to say the least…

Still not convinced? Laitman used this story once to explain your ‘progress’ in kabbalah and in the group (this is one of those things you would have to dig in their archives with a lot of patience to find… and afterwards, they would say he didn’t really meant what you think, it really means something else…) Anyway, he said kabbalah is like joining a new mysterious company for a new job, to do something really benign and easy, like selling teddy bears. In the beginning, everything is wonderful, people are friendly, the job is easy. Time goes by and they ask you to do harder stuff. They are not so friendly anymore, and you are not so happy to work there. You also find out they are not just selling teddy bears, but guns too. You eventually learn they steal from people, and defraud them. Eventually, they ask you to steal and defraud other people too.

That’s it, he never finished the story. Or at least I don’t remember it. I really just ‘tuned out’, I could not believe he was saying this. So I just choose to ignore it, thinking it probably meant something nice, this was just a metaphor… Not so… he often talks about that even when thieves gather to do evil, if they ‘love’ each other, their ‘creator’ will bless them, and they will be successful.

It should be obvious now that their doctrine is not about having ‘equivalence of form’ with the ‘creator’, it’s about being possessed by demons! I don’t say this as a religious fanatic who blames everything bad on the devil, I really came to this conclusion after much reluctance and self-criticism. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

Anyway, for some reason, they also insist that students get married as soon as they can. I really don’t think this is because they have strong family values… It’s probably just to pretend they are normal.

You probably already noticed that a lot of the things they teach are totally contradictory, like the fact that you should donate anonymously, but you need public encouragement for it. In fact, if you say that their position on this subject is ‘public donations’, and you are criticizing them, they will say that you are wrong, that their actual position is ‘anonymous donations’. If you say ‘anonymous’, they will say ‘public’. And they will keep changing their official position about all types of things, back and forwards, and act as if they never changed the positions, while admitting they changed them. This is common to them on a lot of subjects: to affirm two completely opposite things. It is what they call ‘work on the two lines’, the ‘right line’ and the ‘left line’. It is really a systematized form of psychological manipulation, because ‘anything follows from a contradiction’. They are full of such contradictions: in their views on free will, destiny, egoism, altruism, purpose of life, relation of spiritual with physical, relationships, reincarnation, the behavior of the ‘creator’… practically everything! Their doctrine is built on contradictions. And this makes arguing with them absolutely impossible, you can never prove rationally to their students that they are wrong, because they are not rational anymore.

For instance, they say we can never know the true intentions of the ‘creator’, because this is supposedly beyond what we can ‘perceive’ from him, its his ‘atzmuto’, his essence, which we can never perceive. So they admit this entity could be lying to them. But they also say that ‘he is certainly completely good and only does good’, and if he makes us feel bad, it is just our incorrect perception of him towards us, and we should ask that he changes our perception of him… This may sound a cute thing to say about the ‘creator’, but if you accept this 2 completely contradictory premises, you can pretty much come up with, and justify, ANYTHING you want for this ‘god’. Instead, try to replace the word ‘creator’ with the word ‘satan’, or ‘evil’, and you will understand what bb is actually talking about: “We don’t know the true intentions of satan, but we are certain he only means good to us. If you ever think he wants to do bad to you, you should ask him to make you think he is good”. They need to believe satan is the good one for the reasons I’ll explains bellow.

The more you suffer, the better for them. If you can put up with more suffering for this ‘creator’, then it means you ‘love him’ more. When he sends you pain, he is ‘showing you his love’, by pointing at your ‘uncorrected state’, because you can’t see his ‘light’ as happiness yet, but you see it as ‘animal pain’. You see, it is your fault. The whole world is absolutely perfect already, you are the only thing wrong in the whole creation. This is what they teach. You are supposed to believe you are the worst thing in existence. By believing this, trough equivalence of form, you will join your soul with… the best thing in existence? No. You will join your soul with the worst thing in all existence, with pure evil. But for bb, pure evil is the best thing. You see, they realize they can’t ‘win’ the ‘competition against God. They can’t be number 1. So they decided to compete for the last place. They know they will lose, but they will lose by the most terrible way possible, and by this, they think they will win. They think that by doing this, they will dethrone God, and take His place.

Because the suffering and the evil you are supposed to feel in kabbalah really have no end, and because it is something completely evil, something that the real God would never allow to exist on the face of the earth, they think that, when this pain and madness reach enough people, or when those horrible feelings are deeply enough rooted among enough people… They then will have ‘created’ something new, something completely evil, hell on earth, and thus, they think they will have ‘proven’ that God does not exist, or that he is not God, because they will have managed to ‘create’ something totally opposite to what the real God said he wanted to create. They think that, if they accomplish this, this will prove Him that he is not God, and He will have to, because of His righteousness, immediately give them His place and His throne… And the kabalists will then rule reality with the simple will of their minds, it will be their playground, they will have immortal bodies, all of them sharing one single mind with their ‘creator’, while the rest of us are used for their enjoyment, like pets. They will never love the rest of humanity, and will never do anything we ask them to. This is their ‘gmar tikkun’. This is what they really believe in, and what the ‘supernatural things’ that are behind them believe.

Of course, this too is contradictory and impossible, but it is their only hope.

therefore, everyday, for every new student in Kabbalah that reaches a new level of insanity, they hold their breaths, thinking they have just accomplished their objective. And every time they fail, they ask for even more suffering and insanity to come inside them, and inside the rest of the world (this IS the ‘light’ they ‘drawn’ everyday from 3am to 6am… They are there praying to satan, asking that he will make then, and everyone else in ‘the group’, and anyone else who ever participated in the ‘group’, and anyone who is consciously aware and participating in this RITUAL, and, ultimately, the whole world, they are asking that all this people became just insane enough to turn then into ‘gods’… needless to say, not everyone there knows this exactly like this, and the ones that do know something, don’t really think about it exactly in those terms).

And the suffering they ask for always comes from… somewhere… As if there is an unlimited supply of suffering somewhere, who only needs the permission of someone over here to flood us… But of course, they really just want to suffer enough, not more and not less, so they don’t go completely insane too early or too late…

Even if nothing apparently changes in your life after ‘receiving’ this stuff and all this pain (very unlikely), you will always be deeply suffering inside. They say that you suffer just as much as you can handle, but this is not true: it has to be much more than you can handle, because, as anyone with some common sense would have guessed by now, they can never reach this insane goal. It is simply impossible. Even if everyone in the world goes a thousand times more insane than they could handle: God would still find a way to repair the mess.

Also, I’m sure that if they accomplished this, if it was even possible, they would not share the ‘prize’: they would all be simply just discarded by their ‘creator’ the very next second.

One of the things they are most proud about their doctrine is that nothing needs to change on the outside, no one needs to notice anything changing on your outside. Very little changes. You may just say: ‘oh, I’m just studying this nice old philosophy’…. people just say: ‘cool’. This whole thing can happen all just in your mind, and your life may even stay the same (very unlikely). People may not notice the changes in behavior. This way, no one can help you until it is too late. No one will hear you scream inside your head. You’ll be to weak and confused to ask for help from the people around you, and I guarantee you, it is very unlikely anyone around you will be able to help you the way you really would need if you get as low as I’ve got. It takes supernatural help to fix this, but from the real good guys.

By the way, I obviously mean all this stuff literally, it’s not a metaphor.

Laitman once said that even if all of humanity perishes, and there is only one person left, and this person reaches this absolute evil state, they win… of course, he phrases this in a very nice way, this last person would be ‘bestowing to himself’…

So you see, I am completely convinced they are not just about money. You may agree with me or not. I does sound very weird. But I still think it is important to share this.

Still on the subject of donations, their true understanding about this is that when you give them money, you are not really giving anything, you are actually receiving! They are the ones giving something to you, they are giving you an opportunity to try to be an ‘altruist’ and to come for the conclusion for yourself that it is completely impossible to be truly generous and to do any type of charity or help others. You are supposed to realize that you are actually an egoist for giving your money away for them, because you are doing it ‘for the sake of receiving’ something back from the ‘creator’. They are the true altruists, who receive your money ‘for the sake of bestowing’ upon you this unique opportunity of learning that giving stuff is not really giving, true giving is receiving. But you are still supposed to keep giving anyway… You know, to further their plans…

Those confuse ‘notions’ about giving/receiving often crawl into your mind, and it becomes very confusing to simply give a gift or receive something from someone, be it an expensive gift or just a simple compliment. It becomes hard to correctly behave as the person actually giving or receiving, in each corresponding situation. If someone says that you are smart, for example, are you giving or receiving something? How should you react? They never define any of those giving/receiving ideas, so you are left wondering what those things mean. And when you can’t figure them out (no one can), you are just supposed to ‘annul your ego’, and then, it is all fine in the surface of your mind, but you have actually swallowed a poisonous pill that will contaminate the way you think about every type of human interaction, effectively preventing you to have any real human contact anymore.

This is pretty much all I have to say about bb and kabbalah. It is truly just a luciferic doctrine. Stay away from it, and promptly reject any ‘desires’ to study it, that seem to come out of nowhere. People in the past who said that this is evil stuff where not just kidding or playing mind games, or trying to hide their ‘sacred doctrine’ from the selfish masses. They were serious. Kabbalists didn’t accept people to study because they knew people in the past would immediately notice this stuff. They were smarter than us. Our generation is completely blind spiritually, so this type of nonsense has free space to run wild and destroy the lives of countless people. I pray that this letter may help those who are trapped in this web of lies.

I wish to you all the best.

The above text was written by a former member of Bnei Baruch who lives abroad. Read Part I: Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Victim Speaks Out


  1. Thanks for sharing. Coming from Petach Tikva – this is all new to me , so I googled ‘laitman’. The point is when what you teaching is not the ’emet’, that Kaballah comes to replace Judaism and not something your own teachers would want from you ,plus you are a genius with charisma – you become a dangerous person. Kabbalah is great as a ‘spice’ to one’s learning of Torah

  2. laitman can take a lesson from Abraham Avinu – not taking money from people , but rather doing chesed to them

  3. Today is thew day – waiting to see how be’yachad will do . Interesting choice – a vote for the money likely to be spent on you and integrity, honesty and fairness

  4. B’yachad isn’t the same everywhere. Could be this branch is smelly but not all are.
    Just sayin’ . . .

    • littleduckies as far as I know there is only one political party “Beyachad” that consists exclusively of members of Bnei Baruch. There are other organizations called Beyachad but they have nothing to do with Kabbalah.

  5. Hi, I am really sorry for the troubled gal that suffered all types of psychological/spiritual torments when joining kabbalah bnei baruch. I think this is a exceptional case, since none of the people whom I study virutally in the Education Center BB seem to have displayed this type of occurance. Maybe, this case is 1 in 1000 and you were the 1. I am in search of the wisdom of uniting the Creator and BB is the only on who offers that. So why instead of speaking things about them, not offer some alternatives that serve for that purpose. I mean you speak bad about BB but ok, lets say we dispose of BB, now what? What r we left with? religion and Heaven when we die? How come people actually experienced spiritual states studying and practicing Kabbalah? What is the real kabbalah and where can we get it?

    • Daniel, realistically, do you think that they will send someone who has experienced that to recruit new people? Also, in cults, it’s typical for some members to have fabulous experiences and others quite the opposite. There are also inner and outer circles. Finally, they claim to be offering something unique but are you sure they can deliver?

      • They dont offer something unique, they offer the same as each and every authentic Kabbalah school, attain the purpose of creation while living in this world.

    • I have studied just a little with BB / Laitman’s center in NY and a little with KC that was opened by the Berg family. From what I encountered the Berg center is very much a cult and I walked out in 10 months.. It does not need to take more time to see. But while Laitman may be a cult too, it is open and not rigid in its style.
      In my opinion anyone person who lets themselves be told How they must live, when they must do, what in rigid way with no openness to ALLOW is totally subject to become a cult member. I love my religion, I love to learn, read, go to a lecture, I love to go to Temple (I got back to Temple because of Kabbalah – thank you). I love to be free too. God never wanted me to be anything but free. God has a sense of humor he is watching people act like they are still in MIZRAYM slaves to groups, slaves to teachers, bosses, husbands…Their guilt, their anger, their addictions of one kind or another That is not why we were taken out of Mitzraym…..We are free people, I do not understand why people are having a brakedown, unless they cant cope and need meds.

      • Karen blake says

        Idaniel i can relate totally to the writer as my husband is studying kabbala with the group and has been for three years and it has torn my family and marriage apart.
        He is using Kabbala to block stuff out from his child hood which i think is totally wrong neglecting his wife and children.


      • Karen blake says

        Charlotte your comment has helped me as i thought i was going mad and there was something wrong with me.
        My husband has been studying for three years with BB and it has taken over is life so now we have no relationship left.
        He acts irrationally if i voice my opinion and he does not like it.
        He does things like cancels a holiday which means loosing money.this is to punish me because i will not go along with BB brain washing

        Karen x

        • Charlotte says

          Karen blake; our religion DOES have a certain amount of rules, like Kashrut, like Hlacha, like Ethics…..It varies how religious one wants to be. JUST LIKE we no longer bring an offering to God by slaughtering an animal the essence of this sacrifice is to give something of yourself “Generosity of Spirit” is what I can call it for this post. But it can also men something else. IT surely does not mean go slaughter an animal…. SO we can’t take it all as it is written because most of it is code or it symbolizes something..
          Sounds to me that your husband is following them totally. Follow the leader is the game that more than likely is not sitting well with you, he is probably not living kabblha, he is probably following……
          My mother taught me to ask questions, and if does not sound right to me, or for me to think for myself and never to follow anyone totally and completely.
          I like a lot of the teachings, I like my religion, and culture. But I do not believe in follow the leader.
          This past weekend I was in a play that was held in a Church. I even light my Shabat Candles in a Church — But I did light them. I did not leave the play. I did what I felt was OK to do, it was a fund raiser to abolish abuse at women and girls. I think God likes that. I did that. But If I listened to any religious leaders I would have been told not to do it on Shabbat.
          Well… I dont play follow the leader. I know in my heart what God accepts of me as a human being.

  6. Susanne Tamir says

    I would like to contact the writer i am just now struggeling with learning or not learning i feel attached to kabbalah and judaism but i have many questions concerning BB
    and many doughts and feel many things written in this both parts the same i would like to write in private with the autor if possible is there a way to reach her
    or him??
    Thanks a lot and thanks for sharing this thoughts they make me feel not alone with my doughts

  7. I am sorry for anyone who decides to follow anyone totally and completely.
    In My opinion that type of person is ripe to fall into any cult anywhere. In my humble opinion this person would have had a brake down from something else too such as if she married the wrong guy. Our religion asks us to question not to follow. our spiritual center tells us when something does not feel correct. I joined the Kabblah Center in NYC that was run by the Berg family, the classes were fantastic but after 10 months I walked out because my center told me that KABBALAH is good and this group is not right for me. I miss some classes but I don’t miss the group, because I follow only the ONE G-d whom I will always love. Not a group, not a leader. Kabbalah also teaches that the ego gets in the way; funny but all the leaders were into so much of their ego they never practiced what they preached, they do not know CHESED they just talk about it. But ME I am grateful that I have a strong inner center and that I got at home from my Mom. But I do like the study, and it does not make you nuts. It is what you do with it that will make you nuts.

  8. The writer of this article is not the best source to judge Bnei Baruch, he is just telling an opinion and a very biased one.

    He says: “I admit that this information could be inaccurate, because I never really had any direct contact with the financial part,”

    I say: I am from a south american country and 80% of maaser of this country goes to Diseemination of integral education (which is great btw because it teaches people in a practical manner to love their fellowmen) and 20% goes to Israel (they pay salaries and many other costs included in taking care of an institute).

    The writer also says: “an email saying that ” ‘by chance’, 2 of our ‘friends’ from the group in Israel are going there to your city to spend a couple of days, and they would like to meet you, if you can.” You Google these people’s names and there is no indication that they have any business here or anywhere near here, on the very contrary”

    I say: There are people in Israel that have direct contact with groups in BB all over the world and they come and go to over 70 countries due to this relationship, so there is pretty much a chance that one of them will land near where you leave.

    The writer says: “But they won’t immediately ‘trust’ you just because you showed up on a few congresses and participates online every day, they only start to take notice if they feel you are really committed”

    I say: There are tens of thousands of people joining virtual lessons everyday, how in the world will friends start noticing you if they haven´t even seen you! They raise MAN for you though, don´t worry!

    The writer says: “I think that there is probably an ‘inner circle’”

    I say: yeah and I think reptilians exist, is just my opinion as it is his, not one more valid than the other.

    The writer says:”everyone I met who was seriously studying this stuff for some considerable time, always had some type of serious problem, apparently out of nowhere, which always kept getting worst. Fighting with spouses/girlfriends, financial problems, loneliness, mental problems, legal problems, all types of things”

    I say: “Guess why did we arrive to Bnei Baruch in the first place, it wasnt because of blissful lifes with beautiful spouses and kids tons of money and tons of calmness”

    The writer says: “You are not supposed to ask for help when you are ‘just’ depressed or feeling like killing yourself.”

    I say: “They encourage seeking PROFESSIONAL help when this happens.

    The writer says: “If you are very happy and healthy and things are going very well in your life, but you don’t want to study anymore, this is when you have a very serious and dangerous ‘fall’ according to them, and when you need their ‘professional’ help from their ‘ambulance’. So, happy=bad, sad=good”

    I say: “happy can be good too, if you are happy and you are eager to read the Zohar for the Light that Reforms, sad can be bad if you are completely depressed and wont get up of bed even in Lo Lishma”

    The writer says: “Laitman is often saying absurd things anyway, and telling people should give up studying kabbalah before it’s too late.”

    I say: “THIS is absurd”

    The writer says: “some guy in Siberia, for example, has purchased 100 books to give it to local libraries… They will give this person a certificate, congratulations from Laitman, some type of public honor… It is funny, other cults do this too, but Bnei Baruch publicly admits that they do this type of open and public encouragement just as a psychological ‘crutch’,

    I say: “This is a quote from Baal Hasulam article “Building the Future Society”: Principles of the Future Society:
    C. Though there is religion, tokens of due honors should be imparted according to the religion; the greater benefit one contributes to society, the higher decoration one shall receive.
    “Blame” Baal Hasulam pal.

    The writer says: “And I’m sorry to bring this next point up, because it might just look like some very personal, subjective and superstitious opinion, and for this reason I wont elaborate too much on it, I’m just going to mention it in case someone else has this same suspicion I have. ”

    I say: Enough is enough, the dude that wrote this has stated in several parts of the article that he thinks he might be paranoid and superstitious about this. End of discussion. There is nothing to discuss because it is highly probable everything is just a part of his imagination.

    • Charlotte says

      Daniel I agree that this writer may have written some things that are not as I see it either, and your points are very well taken. Thank you. But this writer like many do fall in to cult groups because they need to fill up their vessel, that means to me they need something… I say find your self esteem, find your center, and then you will fill up in a different way….
      But in all fairness, most of these groups are very cult like, if not full cult style.
      We also have a socialized society that lives by addictions…. Addictions to cigarettes, overeating, under-eating, anger, sadness, shopping, controlling etc…..
      All of those personalities can transfer any addiction to follow a religious group and think it is a healthy addiction…. BUT IT IS NOT…. LIVING Kabblalah should help you remove layers not add or transfer layers. We have Passover to remind us that we were made free people… anyone who follows with no question is a slave.

  9. As a Christian, I studied some of it online. What put me off is that they said Bible personalities like Moses and Noah did not really exist. Nor the Messiah, as I believe him to be.
    Plus, once you take all those steps back to God, you get to see all your past and future lives. What’s the sense of becoming one with God if you still have to come back here?
    This world is just getting worse, who wants to come back?