Carnivals and Links with Mynah Bird

Mynah Bird

This bird was identified by Hanan on Facebook as a mynah and not native to these parts. I wrote about another invader here: A Sukkot for the Birds.

For more pictures go to Leora’s blog. She’s hosting a Fall Holidays Edition of JPix, the Jewish blog photography carnival.

Fruma Sara hosted Haveil Havalim.

Chana attended a Yeshiva University event where several students and alumni spoke about being homosexual in the Orthodox community.

I posted Twelve Tips for Saving Water in the Kitchen at Green Prophet.

Ten Tips for Saving Money with Your Dishwasher, at CookingManager.Com, includes inexpensive and ecological substitutes for detergent, salt and rinse.

Twenty bloggers have signed up for our Second Israeli Bloggers Evening this Saturday, including Shira, Harry, Baila, Robin, Liz, Nissan, and the Baroness. You can still sign up, but our speakerJacob Share of will only be taking questions until midnight tonight (Wednesday).


  1. Thanks for the link to JPIX.

    Interesting, another invasive species! I understand some of our sparrows are invasive in North America.

  2. I first thought the bird’s name was Myniyan bird!
    Thanks for the variety of links.

  3. nu, so are you flying in any bloggers for the evening 🙂

  4. I saw a pair of these birds at the park today.

  5. my dad used to tell me i sounded like a myna bird when i immitated people… that’s when i was 10 years old. it’s a funny bird. nice to ‘meet’ you. see you tomorrow night! 🙂