Elad Poster Outs Couple for Immodest Behavior

imageA pashkevil went up over the weekend in Elad, warning the public about a woman and man who did “grave deeds:” Elad is a religious city outside of Petach Tikva.

Here’s my translation:

So the Public May Know

With great sorrow we must publicize that according to our Holy Torah one must stay away from the woman [name and address erased] who does the most GRAVE and licentious DEEDS that are not according to our Holy Torah.

and the licentious man [name and address erased] who does things with her that must not be printed.

May the good Lord send us atonement for their actions.

The Guard of Holiness, Elad

The story appeared in Mynet, the Petach Tikva edition of Yediot Acharonot.

There was an uproar in Elad, with many complaining that this went above and beyond any standards of decency to the point of including the addresses of the couple in question. Counter-pashkevilim went up quickly. One woman pointed out that she did not want to have to explain to her small children what it was all about.

So, is the fact that the man’s name was mentioned as well as the woman’s some kind of gender equality? I also feel sorry for the children of the people mentioned, if they have any.

A resident interviewed in mynet said that there is no organization in Elad known as Guard of Holiness, and this was a personal attack. Whoever is behind it, it’s an example of how one person can do a lot of harm by spending a small sum. Although it’s hard to believe that only one person was involved.

Hat tip: Rafi


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  1. Is it known what their “grave deeds” were? This kind of thing isn’t done lightly.

    • Sorry – didn’t see the whole post till I’d asked. I can imagine some kind of weird jealousy or sick emotional reactions here.

  2. This is so appalling. It’s straight out slander.

  3. That really is upsetting. Funny how people hide behind names like “The Guard of Holiness” but they really just act like a bunch of third graders. Pathetic.

  4. People who do this sort of thing out of spite or personal agenda have no idea how this can affect the whole community. A personal attack like this can leave repercussions for a very long time.

  5. This is just sick.

  6. This is an absolute invasion of privacy perpetrated by a gaggle of immature, libelous, male yentas.

    even if there were such an organization, it would be appalling, but that there isn’t, it is at the least a civil wrong and I would sue.

    There is simply no excuse for shaming without proof. If you think it’s such an evil deed, sign your name instead of inventing an artificial organization.