Elad Poster Outs Couple for Immodest Behavior

A pashkevil went up over the weekend in Elad, warning the public about a woman and man who did "grave deeds:" Elad is a religious city outside of Petach Tikva. Here's my translation: So the Public May Know With great sorrow we must publicize that according to our Holy Torah one must stay … [Read more...]

Update: The Edah Discourages Veils, Etc.

According to the latest pashkevil (wall poster), posted by Rafi of Life in Israel, the Edah Charedit warns women against adopting new customs, going against their husbands, wearing strange clothing including veils, and dressing up their daughters according to various stringencies. The Edah … [Read more...]

Pashkevilim: Wall Posters in Jerusalem Part III, Spoofs and Cellphones

This is Part III of a series on pashkevilim, the anti-establishment wall posters hung in large haredi neighborhoods. The series is based on a talk by Tzuriel Rashi of Michlelet Lifshitz and Bar Ilan University. See Part I and Part II. Pashkevil forbidding the use of Zionist banknotes. Credit: Ben … [Read more...]

Pashkevilim: Anti-Establishment Jerusalem Wall Posters Part II

In honor of Jerusalem Day our synagogue hosted Tzuriel Rashi, professor of political science and communications and expert on pashkevilim, political and religious wall posters found on the streets of large haredi neighborhoods. This is Part II. See Part I and Part III. In the pre-State period, … [Read more...]