Every Family Needs at Least One

My son, A., spent half an hour early this morning searching for his wallet. Finally I gave him money for a new bus ticket. After lunch I asked my 4-year-old whether she knew where his wallet was.

“Yes!” she answered. “But it’s in a place where I can’t reach it.” She skips into my bedroom and points to my nightstand. I pull it out, but there is only a dust-bunny underneath.

“Is this where it is?”

“No, it’s in-between and I can’t get it.”

Sure enough, the wallet and a paperback (Ami McKay’s The Birth House) are lodged between the bed and the nightstand.

Both she and my older daughter are really, really good at remembering where they last saw things. They must have some kind of gene for visual memory. Unfortunately they did not get it from me.

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  1. Hi MII,
    I am also like that and I have one daughter like that. We both are good at remember where we last saw something.
    (Now if only I can get myself to pick it up and put it in its place….)

  2. Gee, I wish I had a good visual memory like that!

  3. My eldest, Y, is like that. I find it astounding!

  4. My son is like that. We all know that if we want to find something in the attic or anywhere else in the house, he’s the person to ask.

  5. wow, talk about visual memory. If only I had someone like that around for my frantic tantrums when I lose my wallet/keys as I’m heading out..!

  6. One of our 3 year old sons is like that … usually because he put the thing there!!! đŸ™‚