Fashion, Heblish, and Halacha: Interesting Links #10

To start off the week, here are some links for your enjoyment:

  1. Rabbi Ari Kahn cited my post, The Day is Short and the Work is Great, in a talk he gave about leaving onions and garlic out overnight. For the record *I* did not say that  a kollel guy told me about it, a commenter did.
  2. Mrs. S. from Our Shiputzim is collecting dialects of Heblish. Feel free to send her your samples.
  3. Miriam Shaviv writes about a yeshiva grad who complains that long skirts coming back into fashion. Did Rabbi Melamed have it wrong?
  4. Leora and Mimi are interviewed by Shimshonit.
  5. Save a life by learning updated CPR techniquess.
  6. Two female Haaretz reporters respond to a Brazilian supermodel’s suggestion that the law should require women to breastfeed for at least six months.
  7. Nancy Mohrbacher gives a brief history of teaching breastfeeding, and why things are changing.
  8. Risa of Isramom and her husband were harassed on the street about wigs, even though Risa wasn’t wearing one. She just wants people to Stay Out of Her Hair.
  9. Kate of One Tired Ema can’t be silent any more.


  1. Nice feature. Thanks for including me. Shavua Tov,

  2. Thanks for the link, and shavua tov!

  3. Shimshonit says

    These links look great–where should I start? And thank you for including mine. Shavua tov.

  4. Thanks for the link! I really liked that Haaretz piece, by the way.