Happy Purim

Here’s a recap of our Purim activities so far.

1. Mishloach Manot. I think I spent more time agonizing over what to put into the Purim packages than I actually spent cooking. In the end I made individual “quiche-in-a-loaf.” (Don’t ask me how to make that plural. And don’t ask me how to make it, period; I couldn’t reproduce the recipe.) Last year’s rant

2. Costumes. My 6.5yo dressed up to as a police policeman. He won’t let me put his picture on the blog. My little one was, appropriately, a monkey. Notice the ears and tail. Last year

3. Megillah reading. The noise level was significantly lower than usual, with almost no caps. The rabbi even made an announcement about it. Here are the low-tech raashanim (noisemakers) made by my kids.

Tomorrow will be a full day. We have some Shabbat shopping left, my husband will be reading the megillah at 9am, and as soon as my son gets home from yeshiva he will rush off to read to a relative in the hospital. We have packages to deliver. And the rabbi said we should start to eat by 11:48 PM, so that our meal won’t be too close to Shabbat.

I wish you all a joyful Purim and a peaceful Shabbat.


  1. Happy Purim to you too MIL, and those quiches look great.

  2. I’m impressed!!
    Every year I am determined to make something creative (and moderately healthy).
    But, for one reason or another, I always fall back on our family “standard”: popcorn (a few years ago popcorn became our fail-safe filler, since EVERYONE loves popcorn), wafers (or some other cookie for mezonot), a fruit (complicated now because of shmita), and candies (it used to be just toffees, but my kids rebelled, so every year we get a few fun candies).
    Our goal is to make something simple, inexpensive and fun. If my kids would be happy to receive it, then they are happy to give it. (hence the funky candies). Since we usually don’t have candies in our home, their standards are still pretty basic (gummy candys, flavored powder, lollypops, etc)
    Purim Sameach!!

  3. mominisrael says

    Thanks, Robin.
    RivkA–My son came home from yeshiva, and asked me to prepare him a package for a friend. He wanted a challah roll if we had any and a small bottle of wine. Of course, he hates most candy (except for plain chocolate) as well as a slew of healthy things.
    PS–Sounds fun!

  4. Quiche loaves?
    At the Pesky home, the baby was Babyzilla, I was ‘random lady screamer #4’ and hubby was ‘scientist who discovers the monster’.
    Mishloach Manot was movie theme – popcorn in buckets, Mike and Ike jellybeans, kit kat and I made soft pretzels.

  5. Love your quiche idea- those look good, are they sweet potato?

  6. mominisrael says

    Yellow pepper and olives.

  7. ibn mordechai says

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  8. mominisrael says

    ibn mordechai, I submitted your post on meat and milk to the kosher cooking carnival. You can send me the review to read. I don’t usually post stuff like that, but you never know.