Nine Moons

Kitesurfing or Tisha Yarchei Leida

Today we went to the Poleg Nature Reserve near Netanya. The big attraction is this sand dune that the kids can roll down:
Sand Dune in Poleg Nature Reserve
Two kids stayed there to dig a hole while the rest of us went down to the beach. As we approached, my five-year-old said, “I see tisha yarchei leida.” I guess those kites do look like moons, but there were a lot more than nine.

Explanation for non-Hebrew speakers: She was quoting a line from a song sung at the Passover seder referring to nine months of pregnancy. In Hebrew, the word for month and moon is the same.


  1. Looks like a beautiful, serene place.

  2. That’s so cute :).

    Itai went there on his school trip a few weeks ago. Out of the whole day, what he remembers best is that he found an MP3 player lying on the ground (we’re going to see if it belongs to a fellow student after the vacation, but he’s definitely got his hopes up LOL).

    Hope you’re having a great holiday.


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