Passover and Politics: Interesting Posts #4

Passover Seder 013
Image by roger_mommaerts via Flickr

Hello, everyone! I hope your Passover preparations are going well. My kids are deep into cleaning their rooms. I’m hoping they don’t lose heart in the middle. In the meantime:

  1. Visit my post at the Middle Eastern environmental blog Green Prophet, Avoiding Food Waste on Passover.
  2. Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11 AM (5:30 EDT) I’ll be a guest on Rusty Mike Radio, talking about Taking the Pain Out of Pesach Cooking with host Adam Mallerman. If you missed my interview with Nettie, Top Time Management Tips is available as a podcast.
  3. Haveil Havalim is up at Jack’s.
  4. Jacob Richman has a list of the best YouTube Passover videos.
  5. Richard Landes wrote a definitive two-part piece exploring the flaws of the Goldstone Report, published in the December 2009 issue of the MERIA Journal. Goldstone’s Gaza Report: Part One: A Failure of Intelligence and Goldstone’s Gaza Report: Part Two: A Miscarriage of Human Rights.
  6. Rafi on Rav Shteinman and accepting kids to school. As I’ve said  before, the whole religious school system is less about the kind of education we want to have our kids to have, than about who we don’t want them to learn with.

    I find that point of the discussion fascinating, as Rav Shteinman is saying that when a parent says he doesn’t want his kid to learn with “that kid” or “those kids” it is all gayva (pride), and there is no such thing as saying this or that child is not right for this or that school.

  7. I think he meant Passover, but it’s still worth reading High Holidays on a Low Budget at Shomer Shekalim.
  8. Miriam Shaviv is posting a series of ideas to transform British Jewry.


  1. Glad to get your “schedule”! Now I need to find Rusty Mike’s internet “address” – the numeric – and put it into my iRadio!