Remembrance of (Blogging) Passovers Past

Passover Seder 010
Image by roger_mommaerts via Flickr

A guest post on Food Processors and Pesach is up at Orthonomics.

Recent editions of Haveil Havalim can be found at Ima on the Bima and Yachdus.

For some reason, preparing for Pesach inspires me to write. Below, I present the best Passover posts below from years past on A Mother in Israel.

Passover 5767/2007:

The Pesach Problem. I should have called this one, “Why Only a Man Would Write that It’s Possible to Make Pesach in Four Hours.”

Unofficial Guide to Pesach Shopping in Israel

Pesach Menus

What is Gebrokt?

29th Kosher Cooking Carnival (Passover recipes)

Passover 5768/2008:

“Turning Over” the Kitchen

Preschool Passover Project: Simplified Haggadah

Pesach Crisis Cleaning

Keeping Kids Interested in the Seder

Passover 5769/2009:

Why “Average” Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach Part II

The Indispensable Post-Pesach List

Pesach and Wasting Food

Post-Pesach Tips

Passover 5770/2010:

Four Pre-Passover Questions

Getting Your Kids to Help with Pesach Cleaning

More Passover Recipes and Cooking Tips at CookingManager.Com.

For more links, see Jacob Richman’s Passover Page.


  1. Love this blog…have been a loyal reader for about a year. Just wanted to let you know that all of the Hebrew years are 10 off.
    Hag kasher v’sameah!