Selected Conversations from the NBN Conference

[General impressions on the NBN Convention will have to wait for another post.]

Rachel Yechezkel
and I had planned to travel together, then agreed to try and meet at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Despite my bus running 45 minutes late and “resting” on the side of the highway a few times, Rachel had stuck around and we went on to NBN together. I realized we had met before, when I picked her up off the street and brought her to our book club. (I do this regularly.) Later she moved to a different town.

I noticed the nursing mother as soon as I walked in. This just had to be someone I knew. . . . Sure enough, it was Abbi. (For the record, she was nursing discreetly.) The baby fussed and made it difficult for Abbi to enjoy the panels, which in my opinion held little interest for non-bloggers (and for at least some bloggers, apparently). I mentioned both Abbi and Klara, another participating commenter, in my half-minute of fame on the webcast. (You didn’t miss anything, unless you are curious about what I look like. What the heck, you can look here. I’m on the right next to Rachel; Safranit is on the other side. Notice what she’s doing?)

Frum Satire and I met at the refreshment table. I’ve read his kiddush posts so I was sure to position myself well.

Yael, a podcast blogger, is a fan of this blog. (I had no idea.) Yael has young children and especially likes my posts on breastfeeding. She notes that I have a “lot of good stuff” in the older part of my blog.

I was disappointed to speak to Baila only briefly.

Carl and my husband go way back. According to him, his wife doesn’t believe anyone reads his blog. He was afraid to tell her that he was spending half a day at NBN a week before their son’s wedding.

Chana (Jenny) Weisberg admires this blog.

Rafi shared details of his camping trip–see his post for more.

Jameel made a DVD containing current episodes of Srugim, because he felt sorry for my TV-less status.

Gila now has a car and promised to visit and tour my beautiful town.

Yael (Oleh Girl) and I spoke about the next flu epidemic, which is scary stuff. I’ve read both John M. Barry’s The Great Influenza on the 1917 pandemic, and an historical novel based on that book called The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen. It’s about a town that tried to isolate itself to prevent infection. Yael’s comment: “It didn’t work, right?”

Back in November, Yaakov Kirschen of the Dry Bones Blog, competed with me, Treppenwitz, and seven others in the 2007 Weblog Awards–Africa and the Middle East. It turns out he never even knew he was a finalist . . .

I introduced myself to Seraphic Secret, an American blogger flown in by NBN, and asked him why he wasn’t on a panel. He replied that he doesn’t think about marketing or traffic (the only panel relevant for non-Isrealis). “They tell me I have a large readership,” he said. When I thanked him for linking to me, he said it was his pleasure and that I have a very nice blog. That pleased me enormously.

asked me to inform my readers that he is not an action figure. His gun looked real.

Israellycool‘s wife is a good friend of mine (I think that’s me he’s talking about here.) But after Frum Satire’s comments I know better than to ask Dave to put me on his blogroll. ๐Ÿ™‚

I met many other bloggers, but could not find Miriam or Elisheba.

Rachel, Lisha and I took a taxi back to the bus station. Lisha mentioned that Israelis find her “videos of the ordinary” boring, but non-Israelis love them. We noticed someone with an NBN tag, who turned out to be an oleh chadash named Gavi. Gavi thinks that running errands in Beit Shemesh is more interesting than his conversation with me, and that’s his prerogative. (He may be right in this case.)


  1. Yes, I was referring to you.
    I’ll blogroll you, no problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You mentioned me? What did you say! I’m famous. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I was sorry i didn’t have any fellow nursers with me to stage a nurse in. Did you meet Miriam, another regular commenter of yours? She was outside with her kids, I don’t know if she made it in. ๐Ÿ™ I brought her some food for her and her kids.

  3. I’m overwhelmed by all these post-conference posts and by the whole idea of celebrating blogging in this way. It does sounds that the bloggers connected more than didn’t connect or found reasons to disagree, which is great! I’m afraid to click on the links and get addicted to yet more blogs.
    Did anyone meet Joe Settler? I’m one of his “five” readers.

  4. It was great meeting you in person (again)at the conference. I think that the journey to get there (and back) was in itself the most inspirational part of my evening! Will continue to enjoy your posts and hope we meet again.

  5. When you get a date for the next one, LET ME KNOW! Like, ASAP. You’ll stick me under Musar Blogs, right?
    This is a great review. Now I have more blogs to catch up on. If I only had a free hour to do that. You think you parents are busy. Wait til your kids multiply, poo, poo, poo.
    Hey, you didn’t hear it from me that she had to be so tzniut on the bus (not so hard). Wait a minute. You did! Have a great shabbas.

  6. Great idea, Abbi. Do you think Bibi wold come talk to us?
    Mom, I was also dissappointed that we didn’t connect more. Maybe we could try something before the next conference.

  7. mother in israel says

    DAve, thanks.
    I wish someone would have told me Miriam was outside. At the MiI conference, kids will be welcome.
    Leora, I don’t remember seeing Joe.
    Rachel, thanks. I enjoyed your report.
    TD, don’t forget the MiI conference.
    Abbi, that was sweet.
    Baila, you need Bibi when you have me? You should come on Gila’s tour.

  8. I think we should have a “Moms in Israel” conference for all of MII’s commenters. Uh, and we can invite MII also. :D. That would be really fun.

  9. Yay – we saw on you the live webcast and everyone in the chat room was cheering for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Sounds like you had a great time.

  11. Abbi, can there be a chat room for Moms in Chutz L’Aretz? Or we could just Tweet as we watch you on a Webcam.

  12. melissa qubti says

    hi.. yes i did have a look at you and you look really cool!!

  13. A Soldier's Mother says

    I think the best comment of the night was after Netanyahu turned and gave Dave of Jewlicious a questioning look and said, “Jewlicious????” and Dave turned around and said to Bibi, “Netanyahu????”. It was priceless. I really enjoyed the conference though I had little chance to really talk to people, but it was great putting faces to blogs!

  14. DoubleTapper didn’t look real to me.
    Was that a costume? Did anyone actually get to check if those muscles were real? Leftover from purim maybe?
    How many guns were there at the conference?

  15. Regular Anonymous says

    It’s cool to see a picture of you.
    It’s a small world – I know 3 of the people mentioned or commenting here.

  16. Thanks for all those links.

  17. mother in israel says

    Orieyenta, that’s cool.
    Jack, you were missed. I thought maybe you were wandering around being anonymous, but then I heard you couldn’t come.
    Leora, LOL. I don’t even have a webcam.
    Thanks, Melissa!
    Paula, there wasn’t enough time to talk.
    Jblogger, there were a few guns. I read somewhere that gunowners were warned not to make sudden movements during Bibi’s speech.
    RA–When are you going to identify yourself to me?
    I-D: You’re welcome.

  18. Thanks for the mention!
    Keep up the good work!

  19. mother in israel says

    Rafi, I didn’t claim to mention everyone–hope no one is offended.
    Yael, my pleasure!

  20. wow. this post must have taken time. lots of links! I did not do it. I was sure I would miss someone and insult them. Nice to finally meet you.

  21. mother in israel says

    Oh come on Jameel, we know you know him. The DVD has sound, no picture.

  22. For the record, Bibi’s security detail spoke to every single armed blogger and recited the standard protocol.
    In the event of a real attack, please do NOT use your gun, as the Shabak has people positioned all over to handle it. Getting up and shooting would only make yourself a target. (This is standard protocol when the Shabak is around).
    Leora: I’m pretty sure JoeSettler was there, but anonymously.
    MII: Was great seeing you. Did the DVD work correctly?

  23. Hey! Thanks for the pictures. I see my hubby!!!! (he’s sitting right in front of this lady? with gray shirt with black sleeves). I must show him this pic!
    Sorry I missed you.

  24. Oh, I was stuck outside (I think I met Abbi and her baby. I even rocked her baby alittle. was that you?) because I came with the kids. hahahaha.
    Its okay. It was a very nice location. And, at least I met Israelycool.

  25. What tour with Gila?