State of the House: Erev Sukkot 2010

Decorations await hangingThis is what’s happening chez Mom in Israel:

  1. Household laundry is finished.
  2. Floor is washed, even though we won’t be eating inside.
  3. Soldier son #1 is being picked at train station with two dufflebags of laundry. He has to go to Zichron for the day on Tuesday, followed by an obligatory barbecue, and comes back home until next Sunday.
  4. Soldier son #2 called yesterday to say he’s not coming home this weekend. My husband asked whether he would be on the base, and he wouldn’t say. A few weeks ago,when he finished his advance training, he told us that we shouldn’t ask any questions about what he’s doing because he can’t tell us. “But what if there’s something you can tell us? Can’t we ask anyway?” “I prefer that you don’t ask.” Anyway, I gather he is not on the base.
  5. The Sukkah is somewhat decorated, after several crises. I hate to admit it, but it appears that no Sukkah decorations are up.
  6. Some food is cooked, most is not. You’re allowed to cook on Yom Tov, and we don’t have company. Only one day, nyah nyah nyah (that was for Leora).
  7. Two family members just informed me that I said to put ALL the frozen chicken from the shopping trip yesterday into the refrigerator for defrosting. So my menu is currently being revised.
  8. My throat has been sore and my glands swollen for several days. Because there’s no point having a blog if you can’t kvetch once in a while.

Have a wonderful holiday, and if you’re out of Israel don’t forget that Eruv Tavshilin.

You can show off your Sukkah decorations over at Mara’s place.

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  1. Hannah,

    5. Don’t worry – you still have a whole week to decorate the succah.
    7. I understand that there’ll be a little chicken on the menu?
    8. Oh no. Take it easy. Hope it doesn’t turn into anything serious and passes soon.

    Hag sameach

  2. Mrs Belogski says

    sounds better than my house! i reckon another 3 or 4 loads of washing still to do, we have about 1/2 the food cooked, but most of that is the important stuff or stuff i can’t do on yomtov. all kids here, loads of guests coming, but sukkah is fully decorated ( my husband does that!) . hope you feel better soon – have a lovely yom tov and a good Shabbos

  3. Feel better and chag samei’ach!

  4. Oh no! I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, we’ve got similar backlog for very different reasons. My sukkah hop post motivated me to finish our sukkah last night (and without some major teeth pulling, you should know), but my cooking is only 20% done and I have a ton of work today… plus no school for kids… so it should be interesting. At least you can cook and only have one day!! Chag Sameach, and I hope all is well with Soldier #2. (I used to hate it when DH would tell me that about miluim, so I can only imagine how worrying it is about your son in sadir.)

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I have nothing constructive to add. I am in Mitzpe with my son and daughter-in-law and 5 kids age 9 to 3 months. I did shopping this morning (also for my daughter & family who will be coming back to Mitzpe on Thursday nite and will be (( organizing Shabbat meals for the whoe mishpacha) then supervised brunch for the kids, then took the kids to a playground then to buy a snack since there is no lunch in sight then ironed everyones stuff for the whole week, then bathed two girls and combed their hair.
    See, it gets easier when your a grandmother (tongue just got stuck to cheek).
    Chag sameach, refua shleima and good luck to the soldiers!

  6. My throat has been sore and my glands swollen for several days.

    Refuah Shlemah. I think we are having similar illnesses at the same time recently – I also have a cold and a sore throat!

    Chag Sameach.

  7. I always enjoy your “State of the House” erev chag posts – such a great slice of life. Glad I’m not the only one desperately hanging decorations in the waning afternoon hours. And my floor is not clean yet. Chag same’ach!

  8. Nurse Yachne says

    Well, there’s never any problem here getting the floor clean before Cuccot, largely because we move nearly all the contents of the living and dining rooms onto our porch and into the succah.

    My daughter and son-in-law were here with our adorable grandson, who is now 10 weeks old. Now THAT was fun.

    I still have enough teenaged girls to do the decorations for me, which is good because I have NO visual artistic imagination whatsoever.

    I had to work erev chag, which was not so bad because we released a lot of people and sent even more on vacation. It’s so satisfying to see people get better and organize their departure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    I found an ownerless bag of succah decorations onthe way home (the stringy things) and managed to hang them up in the 10 minutes I waited for the shower to be freed up.

    • Nurse, I saw on Coffee and Chemo how RivkA was so pleased that the staff helped her get home when she had to pay an emergency visit before RH. Good find on the decorations! 10 months is fun.

  9. oh lady! at the very least there’s paper chains already made! 🙂 i hope that you’re feeling better and loving up that family of yours!

  10. I don’t see any comments on the na na na comment of yours… I scrolled through to see if anyone commented on that… 🙂

    Good Moed! Not only did you only have one day of Yom Tov, you probably didn’t have a rainstorm with ferocious winds that blew off many a schach in Highland Park (just as we were about to say kiddush on the first night…).

  11. Aw, thanks so much for linking up, Hannah! I bet your sukkah looks beautiful now. We’ve been weathering a lot of… bad weather… but despite being rather water logged, I still love our sukkah!


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