Separate-Sex Sidewalks and Civil Rights

This year, like last year, the neighborhood of Meah Shearim posted signs indicating that during the Sukkot celebrations, men and women would be directed to separate sidewalks. Civil rights or anti-haredi activists, depending on your perspective, petitioned the court, which ruled that the sidewalks … [Read more...]

State of the House: Erev Sukkot 2010

This is what's happening chez Mom in Israel: Household laundry is finished. Floor is washed, even though we won't be eating inside. Soldier son #1 is being picked at train station with two dufflebags of laundry. He has to go to Zichron for the day on Tuesday, followed by an obligatory … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Easy and Inspiring Sukkah Decorations

Wondering how you are going to decorate your sukkah*? Your worries are over! Please welcome Mara Strom of Kosher on a Budget for today's guest post on Sukkah crafts. And be sure to check out her site. I love Sukkot. Really, truly love it! I love watching my husband and sons build our … [Read more...]

Adventures in Nachal Sephunim

Yesterday we went on a hike to Nachal Sefunim, in the Carmel near Haifa . Sefunim, with a samech, means hidden like Tzafun in the Passover Seder, or panelled. Till we got out and on our way, and ate, we were ready to start walking at 15:00 (that's 3:00 PM for you Americans). We figured an hour … [Read more...]

In Which I Fall Head Over Heels. . .

into the rocks of a mountain in the Shomron, that is. On the first day of Chol Hamoed (the intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday), we went with friends on an organized hike through Nachal Shiloh. We hesitated about the security, the length (four hours!) and the possibility of rain, but decided to … [Read more...]

The Number One Reason for Making Aliyah

Having just finished two days of marathon eating and praying on Rosh Hashana, I am so grateful that we don't have to do this very often. So in honor of the new year, and to give chizuk (encouragement) to our struggling olim chadashim (new immigrants), here's a comparison of the holidays in Israel … [Read more...]