Memories of RivkA bat Yishaya z”l

They say that some people are naturally cheerful, and this grants them emotional protection from their troubles throughout their lives. Whether she was born with it, or it was the result of growing up in a loving and responsive family, RivkA Matitya z"l had this quality. And her cheerfulness was … [Read more...]

Hyper-Tzniut Mom Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail

The "Taliban mother" was sentenced to four years in jail for child abuse. The Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday sentenced to four years in prison the woman who the media have nicknamed the "Taliban mother" - because she covers herself from head to toe in clothing - over three months after this … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer: What If Women Didn’t Have Breasts?

Baila posts an interview with her friend, Nitsana Bellesohn, who directed a short film to call attention to the fight against breast cancer. Entitled "FLAT," it's up for the Amazing Grace Award. Warning: The film contains images of exposed breasts. Go here to see all the films and vote for … [Read more...]