New Mothers Get Choice — Between Two Brands of Breastmilk Substitutes

I once heard a bit of sales advice, let's say for shoes. After a potential customer has tried on two pairs, you shouldn't ask if he likes one or the other. Instead say, "Which pair of shoes do you prefer?" With luck, the customer will accept your assumption that he has already decided to buy at … [Read more...]

New-Old Israeli Health Ministry Statement Promotes Breastfeeding in Hospitals

Remember the law, misnamed "The Law to Encourage Breastfeeding?" Unfortunately that law had nothing to do with public health but everything to do with breaking exclusivity contracts between hospitals and formula companies so that new brands could get their foot in the door. This was presented as … [Read more...]

Young Families in Israel Pay Twice for Formula Marketing

The Knesset economic committee met this week to discuss the law limiting formula marketing in Israeli hospitals. Last Friday, Haaretz published an article by Ruti Levi on the arrangements between formula companies and hospital maternity wards. Currently, the companies pay large sums in order … [Read more...]