Is Gilad Shalit a Hero?

Please welcome Hadassah Levy for today's guest post. Gilad Shalit has been called a hero by many in the days coming up to his release and the days following. Israeli President Shimon Peres visited Shalit on Monday, Oct. 24, and told him that he is a real hero for surviving captivity for 5 years. On … [Read more...]

Did Shalit’s Family Go Too Far?

Happy Israel Independence Day! Check out this slide show over at Elder of Ziyon. We watched the Yom Haatzmaut celebration on line. Each year, twelve people are chosen to light torches that represent the twelve tribes. The theme this year was mutual aid. Three unusual things happened. The … [Read more...]

Exclusive Account of Gaza Flotilla Violence

The following account came via my husband's former boss: I am disgusted and dismayed. Not by the actions of the Israeli Navy, but by the silence (so far) of our leaders who are supposed to explain to the world what is going on. The information below comes from my son who serves in the Navy and has … [Read more...]