Update: Edah Claims to Object to Shawls, Poster False

Update: According to comments on the Kikar Shabbat website, the date of the posters recommending shawls for all wmoen is from six years ago. Someone must have reprinted and posted them. The Edah Haredit claims they are not behind the current poster. They claim to have considered prohibiting … [Read more...]

Hyper-Tzniut Fashions for Young Girls

Hyper-Tzniut at the Jerusalem Zoo While the face-covering phenomenon seems to have died down, shalim, capes or cloaks worn over the shoulders to disguise the contour of the  body, are still popular. I saw many women in shalim during our visit to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, along with the two … [Read more...]

More on Hyper-tzniut: Shawl-Wearer Spotted in Borough Park

When I started this blog I never dreamed I would write so much about clothes and tzniut. But since I learned about hyper-tzniut, I've become a bit obsessed with the topic. Y-Love from Jewlicious spotted a super-modest woman in Borough Park: For the first time, I saw one of the followers of veil … [Read more...]