The Parent’s Prayer

This prayer of the SheLa”h is supposed to be said by parents before Rosh Chodesh Sivan (new month of Sivan) this Sunday.  Yesterday and today were the days to say it, as prayers making specific requests are usually not said on Shabbat. If you know of another translation, please send it along.

In my previous post I mentioned that the upcoming holiday of Shavuot is associated with bridal imagery. According to Artscroll we say the prayer now because on Shavuot,  we also remember that we are God’s children. Shavuot commemorates the day the Jews received the Torah.


  1. I went to look at the PDF. I decided not to print it, because it would become “shamos” (is that the right word for stuff you can’t just toss?)

    It says you are supposed to say it for children that are “good and upright.” Oh, Art Scroll, why do you have to make me growl? What if my kids are nasty and slouchy?

  2. mominisrael says

    It won’t be “shamos” because the name of God is not written out in the Hebrew.
    “What if my kids are nasty and slouchy?”
    Then you need the prayer even more, no?

  3. Then you need the prayer even more, no?
    Yes. Thank you for “getting” my point.