Turning over a New (Blogging) Leaf

I’m planning some changes to my blog. A new banner and template are in the works.

In addition I plan is to post a short entry (almost) every day until Pesach (bli neder*). Maybe it will help me become more productive in other areas of my life as well. Or not.

As always, comments are welcome.

*I never really liked the term bli neder, a phrase indicating that the promise you are making doesn’t have the status of a formal vow. Noa Yaron, a newscaster who became observant, told how her mother took her aside and said, “Let me see if I have it straight. When you say bli neder (in response to a question), it means no, and when you say be’ezrat Hashem, it means maybe.” Yuck.


  1. Very ambitious–a post a day till Pesach. Once I get on the computer its hard for me to get off. If I promise a post a day, I will never get Pesach together!
    But, Be’ezrat Hashem, you’ll do it!

  2. mominisrael says

    It’s an exercise to force me to be more productive on the computer, when I am on.

  3. bli neder means no? I thought bli neder also meant maybe…

  4. Great strategy. Now that the weather’s getting warmer, I’m thinking of forcing myself to “earn” computer time by walking with the kids for an equal amount of time – let’s see how THAT goes!

  5. mominisrael says

    Rafi, I’m just quoting Noa.
    RM, if you will it, it is no dream. You’re welcome to take up the challenge as well. I even did today’s before 7PM! I was about to give up in the middle, I admit.

  6. Yes and no usually amount to maybe. No matter what design changes you make, as long as the content stays the same we will keep reading your blog!

  7. I am sure that it will work out for you.