The Worm in the Avocado

avocado-worm-caterpillarWhat’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding a worm in your avocado.

According to the rabbinate avocados can be considered free of insect infestation, with the caveat that extremely ripe ones should be checked. Avocados generally top the list of foods that are low in pesticides. While a variety of pests like avocado leaves, only a few bother with the fruit. And its thick skin prevents pesticides from penetrating the flesh of the avocado.

So I was surprised on Friday afternoon when my daughter let out a shriek in the middle of making avocado salad. The worm, or more accurately, caterpillar was crawling in the flesh near the peel. By the time I snapped this picture, it had crawled to the outside.

The avocado was completely green inside and not overripe. Still, you can see a tiny hole to the right and slightly below the caterpillar.

I can now add avocados to the long list of items that I’ve found bugs in, like noodles and clementines.

To check the ripeness of your avocado see: Is that Avocado Ripe Enough to Eat?

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  1. This is certainly the time of year for bugs. It is the real downside to living in Israel. All 3 kilos of flour this week had bugs, straight from the air conditioned store. sigh.
    I have real problems with mold also. Everything molds here MUCH faster than I am used to.

  2. Frumhouse says

    Eeek! I at least 5 avocados per week! I thought I felt butterflies in my stomach!

  3. Eooyooo!

  4. I wouldn’t call it a downside to living in Israel – I find personal joy that the food here is fresh enough and chemical free enough that it still attracts bugs. It just means that we need to be on our toes. Thanks for posting this!