Why Formula Marketing in Israeli Hospitals is Bad for Babies

My post on Green Prophet yesterday turned out different than expected:Why Baby's First Gift Shouldn't Be Formula from the HospitalBy Hannah KatsmanSoft drinks. Fast foods. Cigarettes.Companies that market these products are well-known for targeting children and teens in order to develop “brand … [Read more...]

Bamba not related to mysterious deaths of toddlers

Over the last few weeks, four toddlers have gotten ill and died suddenly of mysterious causes. Two children remain hospitalized; one is recovering and one is still in intensive care. The Health Ministry debated over whether to announce that they are investigating the deaths as they didn't want to … [Read more...]

Sukkot in the ER

When we last met, I was injured at the bottom of a hill near Peduel. At this point I was pretty sure I would recover, so we went to our friends' house in the community of Revava. I sat and nursed my wounds while others prepared the delicious dinner. During the meal, the wrist on the hand that I used … [Read more...]

Teaching our children: Modeling is not enough

In my post Trusting Our Children, I wrote about things that children learn on their own. So what do we need to teach them?I hate to disappoint you, but I don't have the answers. I can't, because they will be different for each family. Leora will make sure her children appreciate art and can express … [Read more...]

Lazy mothering

I once had a neighbor whose children didn't like to take medicine, so she forced it down. If they threw up, she gave it again "so they would learn." It didn't matter whether it was a life-saving medication or a painkiller. Apart from my oldest, who stopped screaming at the excitement of seeing a … [Read more...]

Tipat Halav and Rugrats.

Today we visited Tipat Halav (lit. drop of milk), the well-baby clinic in our neighborhood. It was my five-year-old's final visit; they will soon transfer his file to the elementary school and he will get any further immunizations and checkups there (at least I hope so--the budget for school nurses … [Read more...]