Supply and Demand in Breastfeeding at Green Prophet

I have a guest post up at Green Prophet, Breastfeeding and "Supply and Demand." If you know anyone worried about not having enough milk, this is a good place to start. … [Read more...]

Hiding mental illness for purposes of shidduchim

I have copied an excerpt of a letter to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. See the link for the entire question; she doesn't seem to have responded yet. . . . Now, here is our dilemma: Are we obligated to tell the shadchan, the girl and her family? My husband and I are conflicted. I say “yes”, but he … [Read more...]

Lazy mothering

I once had a neighbor whose children didn't like to take medicine, so she forced it down. If they threw up, she gave it again "so they would learn." It didn't matter whether it was a life-saving medication or a painkiller. Apart from my oldest, who stopped screaming at the excitement of seeing a … [Read more...]