"Takana" finds against Sylvie Dahari, founder of Megeirot

Makor Rishon reported Friday that Takana, a forum for for handling sexual harassment by authorities in the Orthodox community, publicized its conclusions about the behavior of Sylvie Dahari. Dahara is known as the founder of the Megeirot method. The forum's committee of six, including Rabbi … [Read more...]

Takanah to investigate Megeirot

This morning Makor Rishon has a follow-up to the expose of Megeirot.  Click hereto read all posts on the subject.[MR's Introductory Paragraph] The investigation of Makor Rishon on the "Megeirot Method" of Sylvia Dehari drew many responses and brought about exposure of additional difficult stories. … [Read more...]

More on the Megeirot Controversy

I believe that there is a reason some blogs attract hostile comments and others don't. I'm lucky enough to have mostly escaped negative attention, but my postings on Megeirot were an exception. A certain amount of hostility was defensiveness about Megeirot, but my post may have been too credulous … [Read more...]

Housekeeping and religion: More on Megeirot

Homemaking is a challenge for many Jewish women. Some people are just disorganized. Some did not have competent mothers, or mothers who ran an observant Jewish home, or mothers at all. Add a few small children and maybe a job, and you have a tremendous challenge.Flylady has helped many make progress … [Read more...]

Another Cult Exposed? Megeirot

Update: More on Megeirot Takana forum finds against Megeirot. "Megirot" (lit. drawers) is one of many recent attempts to help religious women attain a higher spiritual level in their lives. The Hebrew newspaper Makor Rishon has an exposé in today's paper about the method and its founder. Women … [Read more...]