Welcome to A Mother in Israel’s New Home

I am migrating my blog from Blogger to this address. An announcement will be coming soon. … [Read more...]

Tunnel housing illegal Arab residents found near Petach Tikva shuk

In an attempt to find illegal residents of the Palestinian territories sleeping in Petach Tikvah, a tunnel was exposed near the local shuk (open-air market) containing 47 scattered mattresses.Source: YnetBy Einav Yosef-ZadehJanuary 14, 2009 Tunnels, it appears, are not only for Gaza: In a campaign … [Read more...]

Links on Dahari, Carnivals

Links:Sylvia Dahari of Megeirot is interviewed by Tamar Rotem of Haaretz. Hat tip: Reader DS.Ima on the Bima hosts Haveil Havalim #199, with lots of links about the war in Gaza and other Jewish and Israeli news.Leora hosted the Kosher Cooking Carnival. … [Read more...]

Links: Feminist Siddur, Carnivals

Lion of Zion posts about an Italian siddur with a special blessing said by women, "thanking God for making me female and not male."A beautiful JPix Carnival by artistic Leora. I'm hosting the next one--please send posts with pictures to jpixcarnival@gmail.com. Blog Carnival has been down for a … [Read more...]

Holiday Riddle Answer

Riddle: What Jewish holiday is represented by the number 40,320?Answer:Shemini Atzeret. Atzeret is the Hebrew word for the mathematical term factorial.Shemini Atzeret = 8! (eight factorial) = 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 40,320 … [Read more...]

Misadventures in Communication

My father subscribes to my hometown's Jewish newspaper, which I enjoy reading when I visit. A recent edition featured an obituary for an old friend of my parents. I mentioned it to my father, who hadn't heard the news. He asked me to call the widower so that he could offer condolences. A call like … [Read more...]

Women Wearing White: Kosher Cooking Carnival #33:

Leora posted the latest KCC at Here in HP. You'll find a wide variety of recipes and other food-related posts. … [Read more...]

Tisha B’Av

May we all experience a peaceful Shabbat and an easy, meaningful fast. … [Read more...]

Never mind, then

First some links: Check out Haveil Havalim 171, Haveil Havalim 172, and KCC 31.A large day camp also attended the zoo today. A camper, who appeared to be about seven, began throwing water bottles into the bird lake. Another camper pointed this out to the counselor. "Wait!" she called. "Is that my … [Read more...]

Internet Radio Interview on Megeirot

Eve Harrow of Israel National Radio interviewed me about the Megeirot story. You can listen by going to the site and clicking on Judean Eve, Hour 2. I'm on during the second half of Hour 2, at 24:40.It will be up until Wednesday, May 28. … [Read more...]