Will Seeds Sprout in Microwaved Water? And My Son’s Surprise Experiment

I love to cook with my microwave. Sure, it's possible to manage without it, and there are better ways to defrost food. However, there are environmentally sound reasons for preferring it to conventional cooking: It only heats the moisture in food, so more energy is retained. Microwave cooking … [Read more...]

More on Microwaves

Image via Wikipedia In a comment on my last post, Robin pointed out that not all ceramic tableware is microwave-safe. She's right, and plastic can also be a problem. If your utensils don't have a label, you can use the following test for microwave compatibility. From The Great Microwave … [Read more...]

28th Kosher Cooking Carnival

The 28th Kosher Cooking Carnival- Dayenu edition is up at Frumhouse. I'll be hosting the next one on April 7, so get cooking! Topics will include Pesach recipes, Purim accomplishments and recipes for getting rid of hametz. And anything else relating to kosher cooking. You can submit your own posts … [Read more...]

Pesach Menus

Dov Bear complained that the "women in his life" spend too much time worrying about the Pesach menu. So he made his own suggestions: First night: Steak, potatoes First day: Fish, Israeli Salad Second night: Steak, Israeli salad Second day: Fish, potatoes I thought it would be bad when I … [Read more...]