Interview with My Son on Religious Accommodations in the Hesder Army Program

A while back on Twitter I got into a conversation about why most Haredim don't go into the army. Intermingling of the sexes was mentioned as one reason, and questions came up about the conditions of hesder students. My son E., who entered a hesder platoon last April, agreed to answer a few … [Read more...]

We’re All in the Same Boat: Yom Kippur in the Navy

This is a guest post by DR, the father who shared his son's experience during the Marmara incident: Exclusive Account of Gaza Flotilla Violence. We're All in the Same Boat: Yom Kippur in the Navy A large proportion of commanders in the IDF are religiously observant, and the numbers are growing. … [Read more...]

My Son and the Army

My son had his first visit with the army for a day of tests. He didn't get his "profile," that magic number measuring the army's opinion of the recruit's battle-worthiness, because he has yet to send them the results of a vision exam. They nevertheless wasted no time in sending him a letter saying … [Read more...]