How I Saved NIS 3600 in 40 Minutes

This is a guest post by Talia Klein Perez.   Over the last year, our government passed laws that favor consumers, mainly canceling the high fines we have had to pay to leave one service provider for another. With the current formula, you pay 8% of your monthly bill times the number of months … [Read more...]

Internet Dating in the Religious Zionist Community

This is the sixth part in a series on dating and marriage in the religious-Zionist world. I: Dating Readiness, II: Meeting the One, III: Genetic Testing,  IV: Dating Venues, and V: Shidduch Crisis?, VII: Paying the Shadchan, or Not, VIII: Wedding Costs, IX: Planning Tips I hear of more and … [Read more...]

Hug Your Community Moderator Today

They have been around so long we take them for granted. They are where we go to find a ride, recommend a babysitter, and ask about electricians. I am talking about the English email lists that exist for every community with a reasonable number of English speakers. Janglo (short for Jerusalem Anglo) … [Read more...]