Video: Kasher the Kitchen for Pesach in Two Hours

One of the things that I missed during shiva was our annual discussion here about Pesach preparations. At least we covered the Pesach babies, and I hope readers will update as they give birth. I wrote a draft on epidurals, and perhaps I will get it out in time for some of you. Kasher Your Kitchen … [Read more...]

Bug-Free Lettuce: Not Necessarily Bug-Free

Kosher consumers don't just worry about mixing meat and milk, or avoiding meat that hasn't been slaughtered according to Jewish law. The Torah also forbids eating insects. Israel, with its warm climate and location at the crossroads of three continents, has a large variety and I have found them in … [Read more...]

What’s My Line? Another Visit to the Shmitah Store

Original post: A Trip to the Shmitah Store Zemira is a cashier at "Shefa me-ha-Teva" (Nature's Bounty). We call it the shmita store because it markets the produce of the organization Otzar Haaretz. Otzar Haaretz provides produce acceptable during the sabbatical year, while striving to protect … [Read more...]