Easy and Inspiring Chanukah Craft Ideas

Please welcome Mara of Kosher on a Budget for today’s guest post. Her post on Sukkah decorations was extremely popular and I’m happy to have her back. Can you believe that Chanukah is less than two weeks away? It seems as though we just took down our sukkah and packed away all those … [Read more...]

Handy Segulah Chart Rates Effectiveness

This is from the Facebook page of Gornisht KeCharedi Gamur, who got his start leaving entertaining "talkbacks" on articles in the Hebrew press relating to Charedim. Very few people know his identity, but it's clear he understands the charedi world very well. I wrote to him, and he says he doesn't … [Read more...]

In Which the Army Makes an Unnecessary Accommodation

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Last year before Pesach (Passover), I was chatting with an Orthodox American friend via the internet. "Do you make only one seder?" she asked. The question surprised me.  I think she was confused because in the US, the Reform observe one day of Yom Tov while … [Read more...]