“Get” Laws from around the World

According to Jewish law, a divorce must be given by the husband's free will. Occasionally the husband holds the "get", or Jewish divorce decree over his wife's head in order to obtain a better custody or property arrangement, or to punish her. This leads to situations in which a wife has obtained a … [Read more...]

Rabbi Cherlow’s Top Reasons for Divorce in the Religious Zionist Community

This is the third part in my report on the conference, "The Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse." Part IV: Dr. James Cantor on Pedophilia and the Brain. Today I'm taking a break from discussing abuse to share Rabbi Cherlow's remarks about marriage and divorce. After the presentations by … [Read more...]

Free Tamar Epstein for International Agunah Day

Today is the Taanit Esther, a fast day to commemorate the threat of extermination faced by Jews as described in the Megillah. But did you know that it's also "International Agunah Day"? According to Jewish law, a divorce  becomes final when a man hands his wife a get, or a writ of divorce. … [Read more...]

Will Joint Custody for Children of Divorce Become the Norm in Israel?

When Israeli couples divorce, the mother receives custody of children under age 6 by default. The father can petition the court to get custody, but it's unusual for him to get it. After a campaign by fathers' groups, the Schnitt Commission was formed to investigate the issue. They are recommending … [Read more...]