Guest Post: Did the Tooth Fairy Come Yet?

Please welcome my 13yo daughter’s first ever guest post. She took the pictures too.

My little brother’s tooth finally fell out today. I made him a box to put it in, which was supposed to be an envelope, except I forgot how to make them. I still remember some of my teeth that fell out. I was told, as all children, that if I put the tooth under my pillow, I would get a present from the Tooth Fairy. It worked the first time. The second time, however, something went wrong. I wouldn’t go to bed without an envelope for my tooth, insisting the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come if the tooth had no envelope. In the end, my mother convinced me it didn’t care and I went to sleep very worried. In the morning it turned out I was right: the tooth was still there, and there was no present! I wasn’t very happy.

A couple of years later, I tested my parents. I lost a tooth and hid it under my pillow, without telling anyone. I had outgrown the envelope by then. The Tooth Fairy didn’t come. After a week, I told my parents. My mother told me that there was no Tooth Fairy, but my father insisted that it still existed. The next morning, of course, the Tooth Fairy came. But it was too late. I didn’t believe in them anymore.

Now you know who are the cynical ones in the family.


  1. I LOVED this post and hope that DD posts many more. She tells it as it is!!!!
    Good luck blogging!

  2. How funny!
    Your daughter should get together with my 8yr old who tried to trick the tooth fairy. Never had a tooth fairy visit in Israel, but lo and behold, he lost a tooth while at the grandparents in the US and they told him the tooth fairy idea. But the fairy didn’t take the tooth when she left money.
    So my capitalist son decided that he’d bring the tooth with him to our next stop (we were flying 2 days later to my parents) and try hiding it again for a 2nd profit. Alas, he failed (though my parents laughed hysterically – it turned out they couldn’t find the tooth and were too tired to remember to try to sneak him more moeny that first night)

  3. My kids tried that on me. I beat them with a good response (something like they have to tell me when they put a tooth under the pillow so i can let the tooth fairy know to come). They still think there is a tooth fairy but still try to catch me every time they lose a tooth.

  4. To 13-yr-old daughter:
    You are an excellent writer! We look forward to more from you!

  5. How I WISH my teenagers could write that well in ENGLISH!
    Guess it’s a tikkun as well.

  6. Oh well done! A really good post. And you know what — I forgot to change my daughter’s tooth for money once, too. She’s turned out pretty cynical, too, but she loves me anyway.
    Thanks for this.