Post Pesach Tips

Here is a summary of post-Pesach tips that I posted two years ago, updated for 2009.

  1. Make a list of what you ate. Mine reads something like: Went away for Shabbat. Ate 7+ kg of matzah, 60 eggs, 2/3 liters of oil, 120 potatoes. Make sure to have enough peanut butter in the house for before and after Pesach, and buy extra tuna. [Update: Despite an extra 7 guests over 12 for Shabbat, we only ate 140 potatoes compared to 130 last year. But last year we went away for Shabbat.]
  2. Mark down what equipment you need to buy, and what was kashered. Keep the list handy in case you see something on sale. Get rid of things you didn’t use.
  3. Put away what you can for next year, and note that as well. I put away foil and plastic, potato starch (it keeps for years), dish detergent, Shabbat toothpaste, and paper cups. I know people who keep spices in the freezer from year to year.
  4. Resist making Pesach dishes and utensils chametzdik, unless you planned it in advance. You’ll miss those items next year.
  5. Think about your Pesach preparations–what worked and what didn’t? For example, I am planning to cut inexpensive plastic tablecloth material into drawer liners, because cutting shelf-paper is a time-consuming chore. [Update: I did this and love it.]
  6. Finding more space to store Pesach items can be a good investment.

As I’m thinking about next year I have a philosophical dilemma. I don’t want to buy a lot of extra stuff, but on the other hand, it’s so convenient. I forgot to kasher my Shabbat hot plate, so my guests brought one that they only use on Pesach. I could find the space, but is it really worth it? After all, I really only need it for one day (well, two days in some years). I already kasher the bigger pots each year, and a set of flatware if I am expecting company.

What items do you buy only for Pesach, and what do you kasher?


  1. I made a list just like that. It’s so helpful from year year. But I wrote in big letters this time READ BEFORE YOU START SHOPPING! Had I done this this year I wouldn’t have bought new wine glasses, which I bought last year….

  2. Klara Le Vine says

    I also have such a list, hanging on the inside of my Pesach closet. I wasn’t around when the family packed it all back, so forgot to tell them to put the shelving paper up front. We’re also getting sick of the papering, and thinking of doing a heavy plastic next year.

    One year a friend showed me how she has an area of her laundry room all cleaned for Pesach a few days early, and she takes out a knife, cutting board and mason jars, so she can pickle – she did borscht. So this year I asked that they put in the front of the closet my large glass jar and knife and cutting board. But I couldn’t see where they put the cutting board, so I may have to buy another one.

    oh oh I didn’t know about kashering the blech – ours is electric. I understood I just needed to cover it with aluminum – so what did I need to do??

    the best part – we just bought a new stove and it has a self-cleaning oven!!!!!! what a blessing that will be!!!!

    • mominisrael says

      Klara, please ask your rabbi. I just turn it on for half an hour after cleaning it, and also cover it with foil. It may not be necessary. By the way, welcome back!
      Baila, I hope you find the list in time to see the reminder.

  3. It’s the first time this year that I have bought special cutlery and plates. I used to kosher them. I’ve found it less stressful.
    I still koshered the pots though. Maybe next year I will buy one l-‘Pesach pan and a pot too.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the potato starch. Does an unopened bottle of nut oil stay good?

  5. yes, i do all this too. it’s crazy how much i think i’m going to remember and then i forget it ALL if i don’t write it down!:-)

  6. mominisrael says

    I-D, it’s adjusting and readjusting each year.
    Ita, no go on the oil. It gets rancid. I’ve heard of people doing it but I wouldn’t. Maybe next year find a friend and split it.

  7. My list is posted inside my everday cabinet where I will see it every day, until next year…

  8. there is klp peanut butter over there, right?

  9. mominisrael says

    Hmm. Hope that helps, Baila.
    Tikva, I kind of doubt it. Techina, yes. Peanut butter is not a popular food in Israel.

  10. I put my list in a Google document this year because I always loose the paper ones.

    I’m one of those people who likes to have a full set of stuff for Pesach. It makes it so much easier and makes the whole pre-Pesach madness more bearable.


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