The Indispensable Post-Pesach List

This is an update of a post  first published in 2009. The funny thing about Pesach is that you spend weeks getting ready, obsessing about crumbs and making sure that everything in your kitchen has been switched over and made kosher for Passover. No matter how simply you clean, it is still a ton … [Read more...]

Pesach, Prayer Books and More: Interesting Posts #3

Image by roger_mommaerts via Flickr Pesach is just around the corner and a reader asks for suggestions on how much matzah to order. We get around 1 kg (2 lbs) per person. Organized readers, please share your experience. West Bank Mama asks for pro-Israel posts: Gil Troy has written a blog … [Read more...]

Post Pesach Tips

Here is a summary of post-Pesach tips that I posted two years ago, updated for 2009. Make a list of what you ate. Mine reads something like: Went away for Shabbat. Ate 7+ kg of matzah, 60 eggs, 2/3 liters of oil, 120 potatoes. Make sure to have enough peanut butter in the house for before and … [Read more...]