Police: Evidence Supports Abuse Trial for Elon

Some of the controversy surrounding Takana's warning against Rabbi Moti Elon revolved around whether he broke the law or not, since the students were said to be over eighteen. Now the Jerusalem Post reports that the police have found evidence to support prosecuting Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon and … [Read more...]

An Alternative to Adler: Parenting Answers from Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Note: I revised the wording in several places at the request of Shoshana Hayman. Several years ago I reviewed Hold On to Your Kids by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a clinical psychologist specializing in attachment at all ages. Dr. Neufeld is in Israel thanks to Shoshana Hayman, Faculty Member of the … [Read more...]

Face-Covering Mother of Twelve Convicted of Child Abuse

The trial of Bruria Keren, the face-covering mother of 12 who started a movement encouraging hyper-tzniut (extreme modesty), has been convicted of abusing six of her twelve children. Keren attracted the attention of the press in December 2007 because she covered her face, wore multiple layers of … [Read more...]