Pesach Excess

While my house gets turned upside-down in advance of Passover (and no, I won't tell you where I'm "holding"), I've gathered yet more thoughts about Pesach. First of all, it is hard. Even the minimum involves hard physical labor and more important, planning. Not everyone is blessed with … [Read more...]

Will Seeds Sprout in Microwaved Water? And My Son’s Surprise Experiment

I love to cook with my microwave. Sure, it's possible to manage without it, and there are better ways to defrost food. However, there are environmentally sound reasons for preferring it to conventional cooking: It only heats the moisture in food, so more energy is retained. Microwave cooking … [Read more...]

Creative Cooking Using Leftovers: Chicken Casserole

chicken casserole I am enjoying Mimi's challenge of cooking with whatever she has in the house. As food manager of a large family I have had to learn to keep well-stocked, but when I run low I try not to run across the street. We shop at a large grocery every three weeks or so, the shuk for produce … [Read more...]

Matching socks–out. Coordinated socks–in.

An American company has determined what experienced mothers have known for a long time: Matching socks are not a fashion priority. In fact, it's more fashionable to have mismatched (but coordinating) socks--sold in threes instead of in pairs.I guess I won't have to complain about this anymore.An … [Read more...]

Easy Shabbat Links

More posts on efficient Shabbat cooking:Ilana-Davita posted recipes for Egg Curry and Swedish Chowder.Mrs. S. over at "Our Shiputzim" shares her ideas. Don't be put off by the title of her blog--she warns you when she is going to write about home renovations. Here's how she makes freezable potato … [Read more...]

Our Israeli Container Garden

The second floor of our apartment has a large, sunny porch. At one point we had a thriving herb garden, which now contains only a geranium, some sad-looking rosemary, and a miniature citrus tree. I am gratified that the tree survived long enough for us to enjoy the single kumquat, since we couldn't … [Read more...]

Recipe: Homemade Techina (Sesame Paste) Dressing

Ingredients:1 large clove garlicFresh parsley or coriander, washed and dried2 tbsp. lemon juice1/2 cup raw techina, or sesame paste1 tsp. ground cuminSalt to tasteAbout a half cup of water (Perhaps more.)Method: Chop the garlic and parsley in a dry food processor until fine. Add the other … [Read more...]

More on Microwaves

Image via Wikipedia In a comment on my last post, Robin pointed out that not all ceramic tableware is microwave-safe. She's right, and plastic can also be a problem. If your utensils don't have a label, you can use the following test for microwave compatibility. From The Great Microwave … [Read more...]

Introduction to Microwave Cooking

Follow-up post with recipesOleh Girl Yael has an electricity-challenged apartment, and her only reliable cooking appliance is her microwave. I dedicate this post to her.Almost any food can be cooked in the microwave, once you learn the techniques.I'm not an engineer so forgive me if my explanation … [Read more...]

New Blog about Israeli Cooking and Living

After Pesach I bought some fresh yeast and made a starter out of it. When you are ready to bake (or the day before), you feed the starter by adding flour and water and letting it ferment. You take what you need and save the rest for next time. It's a different way of baking and my success has varied … [Read more...]