Does Tzipi Hotovely Represent Religious Zionist Women?

32-year-old Likud member Tzipi Hotovely is Chairwoman of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women. In honor of International Women's Day, Haaretz asked Hotovely whether Women's Day was a happy day for Israeli women. Here is part of the interview, but I recommend reading the whole … [Read more...]

Empathy, Mother-Guilt, Shabbat, Career Skills, Anger, and Idleness

RaggedyMom showed me this CNN story about developing children's social maturity. In a  fourteen-year study, the preschool children of mothers who described a picture using emotional language showed more empathy and better social skills when they got older. It is important to encourage children to … [Read more...]

Tips on Staying Home and Staying Sane

"I don't want to put my baby in daycare, but I'm worried that I will go crazy if I stay home all day. " How is it possible to stay home with your baby and not end up in the loony bin? Below I list the strategies that helped me the most. I believe they can be helpful for employed mothers, and fathers … [Read more...]

Mothering and the Teaching Profession

I recently met a lawyer who quit her job after the birth of her third baby. If she had to do it again she told me she would become a teacher, despite the low salary and status. She wants a profession that allows her to spend time with her children. There is a lot of talk of making teachers more … [Read more...]