Does Tzipi Hotovely Represent Religious Zionist Women?

32-year-old Likud member Tzipi Hotovely is Chairwoman of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women. In honor of International Women's Day, Haaretz asked Hotovely whether Women's Day was a happy day for Israeli women. Here is part of the interview, but I recommend reading the whole … [Read more...]

Fearful Parents Promoting Young Marriage: Zionist Wedding Series #11

This is the 11th post in a series on Marriage in the religious Zionist community in Israel. I: Dating Readiness, II: Meeting the One, III: Genetic Testing, IV: Dating Venues,  V: Shidduch Crisis?, VI: Internet Dating, VIII: Wedding Costs, IX: Planning Tips, XI: Diabetes,Genetics and … [Read more...]

Takanah and Elon: Where Was Pity for Victims?

In recent days prominent rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, founder of the religious Zionist outreach organization  Mibereshit, has been accused of sexual harassment of young men in counseling situations. The religious Zionist forum Takanah (mentioned in the case of the founder of Megeirot) learned of the … [Read more...]

Is There a Shidduch Crisis in the Religious Zionist World?

This is the fifth in a series on dating and marriage in the religious Zionist community in Israel. Previous posts in the series: Part I: Dating Readiness Part II: Meeting the One Part III: Genetic Testing Part IV: Dating Venues VI: Internet Dating VII: Paying the Shadchan, or … [Read more...]