The Walking Schoolbus

This morning on the radio, a father from Kiryat Ono was interviewed about a project in his school called Ha-Otobus Hamehalech, or the walking bus. Instead of having each parent walk, or more likely drive, their children to school each day, parents formed a cooperative to walk large groups of … [Read more...]

Washing Machines and Laundry: Tips for Making Laundry More Frugal

In honor of Earth Day, here's a water-saving tip from Paamonim. Paamonim, which I wrote about here, helps Israeli families in debt avoid poverty, and its website contains many money-saving tips. Saving water and energy is not only a personal financial consideration, as natural resources belong to … [Read more...]

Using Cloth Diapers in Israel

Katherine has a new baby, and asked me to share my experience with cloth diapers in Israel. Previous posts which mention them are here and here. Some readers may asking why one would consider using cloth diapers in the midst of our serious water shortage. But disposable diapers use up more … [Read more...]